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  1. Cav

    Did you upgrade your Reissues?

    I always udgrade the pickups to suit my needs. Sometimes I change the caps or the tuners as well.
  2. Cav

    Nicest R8 you've seen?

    I really like mine !
  3. Cav

    NGD - 2018 R9

    Congrats! Looks really nice. You are a very patient man waiting 7 months to unbox it.
  4. Cav

    HNGD: R8 aged

    Hi everyone, It's a HNGD! I just bought this '58 LP... It's been a moment since I'm looking for an used Collector's Choice LP after regreting selling my CC #28 but I haven't found anything that suited me. Last year I sold my my number #1 LP R8 and an B4. I wanted to reduce my rig and a bit...
  5. Cav

    HNGD: Les Paul 1957 Custom limited run single pickup

    Hi guys, That's a long time I didn't post an NGD thread. So, here it is. I found this beauty... An '10 LP Custom B7 with a wraptail and a single pickup. I'm super happy with this one. It fits my need perfectly for a raw and simple punk rock riffing machine. :dude: The added brightness...
  6. Cav

    My LP B4 is now at its best! (pictures)

    My LP BB4/R4 Custom is now at its best! (pictures) Hi all! I did a bit of work on my LP B4 this weekend. It's my 4th B4 and I can tell this time, it's the good one. Fairly light one at 9.15lbs with a nice and open sound unplugged. I'm nearly sure it has a 1 piece body/top. I already upgraded...
  7. Cav

    HNGD x2... Black Beauty inside!

    Hi, I had the opportunity to buy not one, but two dream guitars these two last weekends! :dude: Firstly, a LP B7. I had one a few months ago and regretted selling it. A friend of mine dreamt of this guitar for years and I let it go to him. Now the problem is solved. :hee This one is a 2003...
  8. Cav

    I need your help, vintage dogear?

    Hi guys, I need your help to identify this dogear p90. I bought a custom shop Junior. Today, I changed the strings and unscrewed the pickup to look at it. I had a few juniors and the modern p90 have a different baseplate than this one. Am I lucky dude and got a vintage p90?! It reads...
  9. Cav

    HNGD: Gibson LP Custom '57 Reissue BB7, upgrade !

    Hi guys, It's a very long time really wanted a B7 Les Paul. And now, I'm lucky enough to get a great one. :dude: It's a 2008 that came all original. But, as usual, I had to make some changes on it... :laugh2: So, here are the upgrades I've done: - A set of Bare Knukle The Mule/Nailbomb with...
  10. Cav

    NGD: Les Paul Robby Krieger Aged, and some pictures with my other LP's

    Hi guys, I just purchased this Krieger Aged Les Paul. It's a fantastic guitar. I had two BB4 before and I can say, this one is a step better in every way! :dude: The sound is round and full, but without the lack of highs I heard before. The aging looks phenomenal, the neck is super sweet to...
  11. Cav

    HNVGD: 59 LP Jr. My first vintage LP

    Hi guys, It's my first ngd post in the vintage section. :dude: After having a vintage RD, it's time for The guitar! I had the chance to find a 59 LP Jr dc just near where I live in Switzerland. It's a great opportunity to be able to try it before you buy. I had two CS Juniors before and I...
  12. Cav

    Bavarian Makeover on my (recent NGD) Les Paul R4

    Hi guys, I recently pulled the trigger on a '10 R4 Washed Cherry in order to bring it to Florian Jaeger for a Bavarian Makeover Pack 1 in Goldtop. I was looking for a used 13/14 LP R4 GT but can't find one at a good price here, so I decided to do a Makeover on a non goldtop one, as I wanted...
  13. Cav

    HNGD: Gibson Les Paul 54 Custom Black Beauty

    Hi guys, After trading my '02 B4 for an R9 earlier this and having lots of regrets, but, in the other hand, I had the chance to play an R9 and after selling it, having a CC28, I'm now again a B4 owner. Here it is... It's a '98 LP B4 I received yesterday. It plays well, and sound more open than...
  14. Cav

    NGD: 1987 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Hi, here's my last purchase. A nice 87' LP Std. I was a long time I've been looking for a LP of my birth year. I installed: Faber hardware (tom, tailpiece, studs and tp screws) Bare knuckle Black Dog Crazyparts knobs and orange drops Philaluthier knobs and pointers New tuning machines...
  15. Cav

    Installed Wizz on my R8 and...

    Wow! Amazing pups:dude: I had some of the best pafs pickups like BKP Mules, Stormy Monday, Black dog, Riff Raff. And more recently Throbak SLE-101 plus, OX4 (tried in my R8 and my CC28 which I sold this summer) and Area59 aged pafs. But wanted to try the Wizz, which are highly recommanded by...
  16. Cav

    Here are my Lesters!

    Yesterday, I took some pictures of my Lesters. Here they are!:dude: '13 R8 with Area 59 pafs CC#28 with OX4
  17. Cav

    CC#28 & R8 time!

    Hi, Here are a few pics of my two lovely R8's There's a 2013 R8 with Area59 aged pafs installed and a Collector's Choice #28 with OX4 in it. They both sound as good as they look beautiful to me.