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  1. Stone

    New amp day - JJ-Junior

    Congrats on the amp! I'm in love with my JJ Jr. I had it and also a Runt 50 in the studio last month and in the end I finished up using the JJ for 80% of the takes. The engineer was extremely happy as well with both Friedmans, as he hardly needed to EQ any of the guitar sounds for the mix...
  2. Stone

    Mike McCready Signed/Aged/VOS Thread (Post Em' If You Got Em')

    Count me in! Number #057 Aged is here. Finally could get hold of a McCready Aged I've been lusting for the last few years. I christened her "Molly". Just because. What a guitar, what a great ROCK guitar.
  3. Stone

    Honest Review - Gibson Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

    Excellent video, thanks for taking the time to dissect the Murphy and especially for the honest review.
  4. Stone

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    I don't know about this buyer in particuar, but the "shipping agent" stuff is pretty common for us folks outside the US who want to buy from sellers scared to ship outside of the US. Unfortunately pretty common on Reverb. You buy and get it shipped to an US address and the agent then forwards...
  5. Stone

    "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" movie theme

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. The Jill theme from Once Upon A Time In The West is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written, not just for a film.
  6. Stone

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live In Maui, 1970)

    That's an astounding image quality. The restoration work is top notch. Equally as top notch as the drugs the sitting lady in the red dress is enjoying at the 4:00 minute mark. :ROFLMAO:
  7. Stone

    Is the Gibson 335 The Best Guitar Ever Made?

    In few words: probably, yes.
  8. Stone

    It took me 15 years

    Nice guitar! Is that by the way a Gibson "G" tattoo on your left arm?
  9. Stone


    Way easier indeed! Great new software, guys.
  10. Stone

    I'm back after long time! New TM aged 59

    Damn! Boner. What a nice LP, dude.
  11. Stone

    Burst Believers V

    Just saw this on my Instagram feed this morning, but haven't read anything round here... Does anyone knows somethg, a release date or am I being royally tolled? :)
  12. Stone

    FS (EU): Gibson J-200 from 1995 in Antique Natural

    SOLD (EU): Gibson J-200 from 1995 in Antique Natural Howdy! Selling my lovely Ophelia due to a tremendous GAS attack on a guitar I've been searching for years and is now at reach. Therefore, something has to go. Later down the road I'll be looking for another J-200 for sure, Gibson jumbos are...
  13. Stone

    FS (EU): Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 head

    I know I will regret this, but I need the money rather urgently. If you have clicked on the ad then you'll probably know what this is about, but here's a few specs nonetheless: Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 head Handmade in California by Fred Taccone. 9 or 15 w (9w with two 6V6 and 15w with two...
  14. Stone

    WTB (EU): Gibson SJ-200 Sunburst

    Howdy! I'm looking for a SJ-200 Standard in Sunburst finish in Europe. So if you know somebody who knows somebody etc. please give me a shout. Thanks!!
  15. Stone

    Collector's Choice - One by one

    Gazzabloom asked for a reference site for the CC series. I thought we could just start one here and with everyone's help and wisdom, collect as much information on the different models as we can and keep updating them on a single thread, as Gibson may (or may not) delete all information on their...
  16. Stone

    NGD: SJ-200 Pete Townshend acoustic

    Got it two days ago and haven't put the damned thing down since then. Quoting Ringo, "I've got blisters in my fingers". Thanks a lot to Mike Slub for the fine advice on the Pete Townshend model, which I finally went for. :salude This 2007 Pete differs from the regular J-200 Standard in the...
  17. Stone

    New ES-335 stamped USED

    Hi everyone, I got a little question. Today I tried an ES-335 in one of my local guitar shops here. The 335 looked and played wonderfully, but on the back of the neckplate it has the word "USED" stamped in it and the serial only inked, not stamped as usual. It has a 2007 serial. The guy...
  18. Stone

    Good 2nd hand shops in San Francisco for a LP

    First of all, I don't know if this is the right place for this topic, so in case it's not, please change it, but I didn't know where else I could post this (thx Lily.) Thing is, I'm travelling to the US West Coast (from San Francisco to Seattle) in May, and I'm totally GASsed for another...