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  1. deytookerjaabs

    MetroAmp JTM45, local pickup Nashville $1500

    Hey there, got this not too long ago from a lady/brother selling it off of her estate online. She wasn't sure who did the wiring but it looks fantastic & professional. As you likely know, these were offered for a short period of time and are discontinued. I'm not sure where the head box came...
  2. deytookerjaabs

    Anyone know much 'bout those old Gibson/Kluson "Sealfast" Tuners?

    I might have a little stripped husk of an old box on the way. I have some parts ready to go but one thing that's perplexing is it looks like there's no reissue or cheat version of the Sealfast tuners that came on the big archtops? Help? And, they're crazy expensive to buy an old set, too rich...
  3. deytookerjaabs

    1965 AC30 "Bass" Advice Needed

    Don't see these much and have never played one. This example popped up locally: https://reverb.com/item/30634290-1965-vox-ac30-6-bass-jmi-england-grey-panel-ac-30 After some time with the Google I found this thread on another site...
  4. deytookerjaabs

    CME Historic Owners Club, post'em if ya got'em

    It was requested we have a thread on these suckers. Unlike the more pedestrian historic models these feature the letters C M & E (Chicago Music Exchange) at the beginning of the serial number. So don't be jealous, haters. All joking aside, like G0/R0's etc they are a dealer specific line of...
  5. deytookerjaabs

    Brought a little somethin' back from Chicago

    And boy am I glad I went. It was a fantastic weekend: killer food, my good time buddies pouring liquor like water off halsted, trampled around the beach and, oh, stopped in to my old stomping ground CME where Mr. David sold me one of those Les Paul models off their giant wall: To...
  6. deytookerjaabs

    Sad Days At Heritage Guitars

    A while back the company was sold and along came a foreign investor after that pumping in money for factory expansion & renovations. Now, after training the new hires they've let go all the seasoned guitar builders while "postponing" production on most of the high end time consuming models...
  7. deytookerjaabs

    Tom Wheeler RIP

    https://reverb.com/news/influential-guitar-author-and-editor-tom-wheeler-dies-at-70 That's a damn shame.
  8. deytookerjaabs

    Prices for 2018

    Just took a gander at the catalogue in the mail, 2018 Tributes @ $1100 and Standards @ $3200 & regular Customs @ $5000. Well, I haven't paid too much attention the last year or two but, ooh boy.
  9. deytookerjaabs

    NGD Heritage H140

    Arrived courtesy of the fedex man a couple days ago, swapped some traditional hardware on there for purely aesthetic reasons, and came equipped with "florance voodoo '59" pickups (which I'd never heard of before). I'm a very very happy camper at the moment.
  10. deytookerjaabs

    The Eleanor Street Plant?????

    Some casual reading on Kalamazoo History mentions that Gibson had a second plant in the 50's some called the "solidbody" plant about 12 blocks from Parsons on Eleanor st, hmmmmm:hmm The few pics I've seen of Parsons st in the 50's that actually have solid body guitars were all taken in the...
  11. deytookerjaabs

    Top Carves and Wood, You Might Be Surprised!!

    I think this gets massively overlooked round these parts. If you spend some time working with woods, especially larger pieces, for anything requiring tight tolerances you find wood can be massively frustrating. It moves, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot! Here's a little graphic of the...
  12. deytookerjaabs

    NGD, '61? Epiphone Sheraton, could use expert pairs of eyes!

    I'm so happy right now. I walked into Sam Ash and they had this listed as a "1965 Epiphone Sheraton" in player grade condition. Headstock repair, crazy pickup swap, non-original bigsby, swapped tuners, but hey..not a full refin! I plugged her in and started swingin' some of that old country bag...
  13. deytookerjaabs

    Video of one of the very first Les Pauls, in the 50's??

    Skip to 1:04, it's been modded with a trapeze and a bridge. (Les Paul did the same thing iirc) Skip to 1:38, you can see there's no binding. I seem to remember some photos the earliest prototypes not having binding, though memory can play tricks. Anyways, yes it's Friday, and no I don't...
  14. deytookerjaabs

    So Eastman Is Making A Les Paul Style Guitar Now....And It Looks to be Top Shelf

    Now...they've gone and done it at NAMM: It'll have a 1 piece mahogany neck blank, 1 11/16th nut, likely 17 degree headstock, real abr bridge, 1 piece mahogany body blank, ebony board (the real deal too), solid book matched maple top, Jescar fretwire, Duncan USA Antiquities, I'm guessing...
  15. deytookerjaabs

    Why doesn't the Custom Shop faux age fingerboards..??

    Exhibit A (Aftermarket Tele Relic) There's a few small time relic-ers who make rosewood fretboards look like a time machine. Not saying it matters either way to this fella (bracing for the inevitable "just play it" remark) but it seems silly to age every part of the guitar for a historic...