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  1. Angeldeville

    Dropped my Firebird

    I heard on the interwebz that the headstock will break off if you are 2 cents sharp on the high E, you got so lucky! I'm sure your Bird didn't break cuz it's showing it's appreciation for actually being used as intended, instead of being locked away in a "collection"
  2. Angeldeville

    Why do Bursts look different from different angles?

    Why do Bursts look different from different angles? tonewood magic....
  3. Angeldeville

    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    Just like some y’all lust after a 59 Les Paul, the Epiphone Crestwood is my dream geetar…
  4. Angeldeville

    Any value in upgrading the ABR-1 on my R8?

    Peeple get all pissy when you challenge their concept of “tone” and point out that a turn of a couple amp knobs does as much if not more than the hundreds of dollars they spent “upgrading“.
  5. Angeldeville

    Any value in upgrading the ABR-1 on my R8?

    I honestly don’t think I have had a set of Gibson pickups I didn’t like. Half the time I’m don’t bother to check the specs and see what’s supposed to be in it. The one time I did check, the pickups in the spec sheet weren’t what was in it….. My HP flying V has some kind of dirty fingers...
  6. Angeldeville

    Any value in upgrading the ABR-1 on my R8?

    Because Gibson does what Gibson does and we gladly eat the scraps from their table… besides, 57’s are the end all be all of tone….
  7. Angeldeville

    '67 Flying V's

    Sweet jeezuz thats fuggin ugly if that worth $1500, then my 2004 is worth $4,000
  8. Angeldeville

    Difference Between A Strat Neck And A Tele Neck

    Strat necks are rounded at the heel and fit on telecasters but leave a gap in the pocket. Tele necks are squared and don’t fit strats unless the body has been modded to fit the square heel. Most strat bodies in at least the last 20 years have this mod from the 7ender factory.
  9. Angeldeville

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    The only gold I gots, a p90 Les Paul would be a welcome addition, but not a priority right now.
  10. Angeldeville

    My first Les Paul: why the nut is moving?!?

    Elmer’s white glue. Just a tiny drop not sure why superglue is being recommended
  11. Angeldeville

    Olivia Rodrigo plagiarizes every female pop singer in the world, and gets away with it!

    Haven’t heard of her so it must be paying off really well.
  12. Angeldeville

    Any value in upgrading the ABR-1 on my R8?

    I replaced a tone pros on my 2004 V with a generic ebay special bridge, no appreciable change in my "tone"
  13. Angeldeville

    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    Here is some clapton slide…
  14. Angeldeville

    SG Harness in Firebird

    I just chucked it in the trash, ordered a new one off eBay China.
  15. Angeldeville

    SG Harness in Firebird

    Do they go bad over time? crap, the one in my 59 must be all worn out by now
  16. Angeldeville

    A stupid question

    Have I been banned from the other one yet?
  17. Angeldeville

    does the gold in a goldtop stifle the tone ???

    I put gold tops in a wood chipper and harvest the gold from the wood chips.... not as financially sound as it would seem...