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  1. MikeSlub

    1960 ES-330 TDN

    Had her out for a workout this weekend...sitting on a 1963 Fender Vibroverb.
  2. MikeSlub

    We’re back!

    I have no idea why we were down, but the engineers at our hosting site resolved the issue. Sorry for the down time!
  3. MikeSlub

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  4. MikeSlub

    NGD: Photos of Bugman's Murphy Lab R8

    Joe asked me to post for him. Killler geetar!
  5. MikeSlub

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  6. MikeSlub

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  7. MikeSlub

    1959 Burst for sale

    1959 Burst from my collection looking for a new home. Great guitar! It has been in several of the Burst Believers books by Vic DaPra and David Plues. It has been played and has a few issues which is reflected in the price. I will discuss with serious buyers only please. Inquiries to...
  8. MikeSlub

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  9. MikeSlub

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  10. MikeSlub

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  11. MikeSlub

    Goldtop Believers

    This books is a "must have" for any Les Paul aficionado! Vic DaPra and David Plues did an amazing job, as they did with the Burst Believers series! Now available on Amazon and many booksellers. LPF approved! :) (y) And here's a video of Goldtop Believers and Burst Believers:
  12. MikeSlub

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  13. MikeSlub

    Heather Brown Electronicals - "The Blessed Mother" overdrive rocks!

    If you are like me, you've probably got a bunch of overdrive pedals. Even with lower settings, I've always struggled with wanting some clarity with overdriven sounds. But I bought one of these pedals a month or so ago, and have really fallen in love with it. Besides the ability to tone shape...
  14. MikeSlub

    Vintage Les Paul and Burst Weights

    Okay, based on an earlier thread with inquiries on weights, I pulled all the vintage Les Pauls out today and weighed them on a very accurate Pelouze digital scale. None have Bigsbys. Here they are: 52 Goldtop 9 lbs 6 oz 53 Goldtop...
  15. MikeSlub

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  16. MikeSlub

    Modern version of chainsaw cases from Gibson!

    Get 'em while they're hot! https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Travel/ASPRCASE-LP
  17. MikeSlub

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  18. MikeSlub

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