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  1. Dave P

    Westone Prestige 250

    Nabbed this old '80's Westone Prestige 250 recently. Saw it in a shop, plugged it in and played it for 2 hours. LOL The pickups actually sound really good. The coolest feature are the tone knobs. They have a center detent. Roll it left and it works as a regular tone control, roll it right and...
  2. Dave P

    Dylan Salfer and his '53 Tele

    My friend Dylan Salfer and his recently acquired 1953 Tele. I got to check Dylan's Tele out recently and it's really cool. Dylan has been playing with Bernard Allison of late, and recently returned from a European tour with Bernard. Dylan is a great player that I think we all will be hearing...
  3. Dave P

    1984 Charvel

    '84 Charvel, solid quilt maple body, ebony FB. Not something a person sees everyday. Sounds beefy, and not as heavy as you would think considering it is all maple.
  4. Dave P

    Do you guys want double cream pickups?

    Tired of having Larry Dimarzio push around small pickup winders for making double cream pickups? Well, don't just sit there, print out this form: www.echoesofmars.com/Declaration_DiMarzio_Pickups_2017March7_03277903-2.doc State why you would like to have other options other than Dimarzio on...
  5. Dave P

    Anyone remember Faust Music in Milwaukee?

    Just thinking about Bill Faust for some reason today. I know he passed away a few years back. Years ago I stopped at Faust Music, I just remember the half hour diatribe he gave me about young punks like me ruining America. It was incredibly bizarre. Apparently he did that to a lot of customers I...
  6. Dave P

    1983 Odyssey Paul Dean

    Well, I admit I like weird guitars. Here's something you don't see every day. Paul Dean from Loverboy designed a guitar, so around 1982-83 he contracted Odyssey Guitars which was run by Atilla Balogh of Vancouver, BC to build 50 of these. According to Paul, he sold 25 through local music stores...
  7. Dave P

    FS: Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby Wah

    Nice Joe B Cry Baby wah, not used much, very clean. Only a couple minor nicks in the finish, otherwise like new. $110 shipped to the lower 48, no shipping outside USA, sorry. Will consider trade for Option 5 Destination Rotation or Audioworks FET Distortion. Not interested in any other trades...
  8. Dave P

    Wolfetone real P90 for humbucker route Kickstarter campain

    For P90 fans who want a full size P90 that fits a humbucker route, my friend Wolfe has started a Kickstarter campain, might want to check it out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/901760341/wolfetone-pickups-a-real-p90-for-humbucking-routs
  9. Dave P

    59 ES345

    I put a couple pix of my '59 ES345 on my FB page, and Charlie told me I should post them here. So here they are! Hope you dig it. :jim
  10. Dave P

    Anyone into MIJ Squier E series Strats from the mid 80's?

    For whatever reason, I always liked the MIJ E series Squier Strats made in the mid 1980's. They were very well built, made by FujiGen Gakki in Japan, and they were cheap so plenty of them are out there. I'm a sucker for cheap guitars, partly because I never had any money when I was young so they...
  11. Dave P

    Goodbye Eric aka PatentAppliedFor

    Not the right section to post this, but I don't care. Learned that forum moderator PatentAppliedFor passed away over the weekend. Eric was a real nice guy and guitar lover like the rest of us, he answered the call I put out back in the early days of the LPF to be a moderator, which he was still...
  12. Dave P

    Clean amp + pedals

    For a majority of my playing life, I've been mainly a guy who liked the distortion from the amp, màybe a tube screamer or something to boost the gain a little. I've experimented with pedals ihto clean amps in the past with mixed results. Well, Eric Gales moved to my area for a while, he used a...
  13. Dave P

    Fet and JFet based overdrive/distortion pedals

    Since TM1 and Big Al mentioned Fet and JFet based pedals in another thread, I figured I would start another thread just for these, since I like them too. Here are a few I own: Pedals by Tone OD/Distortion- the guy builds them and only sells on EBay, it is a cascaded Fet box that does the jacked...
  14. Dave P

    Any SS amp fans here?

    I know it sounds like blasphemy to mention SS amps, but there are a few I really like so I figured I would start a thread to see if there are any others here that dig them. Here are a few I own and like: Pearce G1r - These were like the Caddilac of SS amps back in the day, I really like the...
  15. Dave P

    March 1985 GP mag burst porn

    The day this came in the mailbox, my life was never the same.
  16. Dave P

    9/11 Mike Gould (Burst)

    All these years later I still think about Mike a lot. Here he is with the Burst he got after searching high and low to find the right one. At least he was able to realize his dream before that tragic day of 9/11/2001. RIP Mike
  17. Dave P

    9/11 Mike Gould (Burst)

    All these years later I still think about Mike a lot. Here he is with the Burst he got after searching high and low to find the right one. At least he was able to realize his dream before that tragic day of 9/11/2001. RIP Mike
  18. Dave P

    My brother made me do it...

    Dave said I had to buy this guitar or else! Can you believe this was a downgraded top? It sounds as good as it looks.