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  1. 4string

    January California guitar shows cancelled

    Got this email from the show sponsors: To our valued guitar show vendors and other guitar enthusiasts: It has been almost a year since our January 2020 shows in California, the only Amigo events that were held this year. After months of continually monitoring Covid updates and mandates from...
  2. 4string

    Peter Green tribute concert trailer and updated release date info

    Theatrical release (assuming there is one) March 2021 CD/Blu Ray & Vinyl release April 30th 2021
  3. 4string

    Joe B documentary coming December 8th

    In case this hasn't been posted already:
  4. 4string

    Jason Isbell plays his 1959 Burst

    Isbell's guitarist Sadler Vader joins @ 11:10 Fender 1960 Strat & Blackguard Tele demo starts @ 21:44 Les Paul & Blackguard Tele demo starts @ 28:09
  5. 4string

    Dallas & Arlington 2020 Cancelled

    From the Dallas show site: Update Dallas International Guitar Festival 2020 After much consideration and ongoing communication with state and local officials, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce the postponement of the 2020 Dallas International Guitar Festival until April 30th...
  6. 4string

    Fender P Bass Tuning Key issue

    See G string tuner for issue in question. This is a 1959 P Bass so I'd prefer not to replace the tuner if possible. It doesn't seem to be a problem with tuning, at least so far. Any thoughts on what (if anything) to do about this? :hmm Having a local repair shop look at it would be ok too. Thanks!
  7. 4string

    Gibson offering $59k reward for late 1950's ledger

  8. 4string

    Amigo's Guitar Show Returning To Arlington long term starting October 2020

    Just got an email that the show is returning to Arlington long term starting October 31 - November 1. This is in addition to the already mentioned show in June. Check towards the bottom of the page. https://www.amigoguitarshows.com So what happens/happened to Fort Worth? :hmm From the email...
  9. 4string

    Guitarlington reunion show June 2020

    Just got this: Dear Vendors, Attendees and longtime Amigo Guitar Shows supporters: Because of the continued concerns over the COVID-19 national health crisis, we have decided to cancel the Amigo Nashville Guitar Show 2020 that was advertised for March 28-29. The show has grown to become one...
  10. 4string

    Dallas Guitar Show 2020 rescheduled

    July 31 - August 2nd. Previously purchased tickets and booth reservations will be transferred to the new dates. See https://www.guitarshow.com Just talked with reservations at the Dallas Renaissance and they don't have the show rate for the new dates yet. They advised calling next week. I'll...
  11. 4string

    Gary Moore guitars & amps up for auction in December

    Only 3 guitars (none vintage) but lots of amps and signal processing gear: https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/catalogue-preview-11th-12th-december-2019/
  12. 4string

    Photos from Fort Worth 2019

  13. 4string

    Photos from Fort Worth 2019

  14. 4string

    Photos from Fort Worth 2019

    https://paularthur.smugmug.com/organize/Fort-Worth-2019/Reissue Not a lot to report from this show. Joe Perry Boneyard probably sold. Pearly Gates @ Fuller’s. It was also at the Dallas show last spring. Table of reissues was Garrett Park guitars.
  15. 4string

    Photos from Fort Worth 2019

    https://paularthur.smugmug.com/organize/Fort-Worth-2019/Fender Prices on 1960's Telecasters & Esquires were noticeably higher. Circa 1963 - 64 Stratocater prices could differ by as much as $9k. Lake Placid Blue Strat @ the Guitar Center booth was pulled early Saturday. Not sure if it sold or not.
  16. 4string

    Photos from Fort Worth 2019

    https://paularthur.smugmug.com/organize/Fort-Worth-2019/Burst Shared a ride to the show Saturday with one of the dealers. He was there Friday for load-in and described the atmosphere as "low energy" It was a smaller show in part because Fuller did not bring their usual inventory. That resulted...
  17. 4string

    Gibson announces Slash signature double neck

    In case this hasn't already been posted - https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSWLK508/Slash-1966-EDS-1275-Doubleneck-Signed-Aged# Price according to Guitar World is $13,299. Not sure if that's list or street.
  18. 4string

    1958 Burst with issues @ Gruhn's - currently on hold

    Best look fast - https://guitars.com/inventory/eb6935-1958-gibson-les-paul-standard I grabbed a set of photos and the description if the page is taken down.
  19. 4string

    Three articles on vintage Les Pauls from Guitarist magazine

    In case these haven't been posted: Burst found in Italy: https://guitar.com/features/gallery/vintage-1960-gibson-les-paul-standard/?utm_source=Guitar.com&utm_campaign=1bdcfbd089-gdc_media_email_weekly_digest_w34_1&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f890f83bb6-1bdcfbd089-50384139 Doug & Pat...