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  1. Zeppelinguy85

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    I had a similar situation and I used this along with about three old tshirts. It’s designed to work on vintage nitro finishes and is t abrasive in any way. Virtuoso Premium Instrument Polish & Cleaner Combo https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0088Q50BM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_P6A05WFW4KCNK052VP4W
  2. Zeppelinguy85

    Tall black pickup rings?

    If you're looking for tall rings, Dimarzio rings are the right height and four bucks a pop. I don't recall ever seeing the tall historic height ones available aftermarket.
  3. Zeppelinguy85

    Dilemma With a Serial Number

    Hi, I bought a players 60's SG Standard. It was advertised as a possible '63 however I was pretty sure from the photos it was later. I got the guitar and it definitely has a 1 9/16" nut width which narrows it down to 65-66. Now this thing is a definitely a player, it has multiple repairs...
  4. Zeppelinguy85

    Duane Allman two Goldtops?

    So I found these photos posted on the Big House's Facebook page. In the first Duane is playing a Goldtop with a poker chip on it unlike how the guitar normally was. In the second, it looks like Johnny Winter is playing the Goldtop more normally associated with Duane. Could Duane and Johnny...
  5. Zeppelinguy85

    Gibson Firebird Serial Numbers

    I just picked up a "80's" Firebird (full story later) anyway the serial number a six digit, 249XXX. Anyone have an idea as to a date of manufacture. Thanks in advance.
  6. Zeppelinguy85

    My R8 has a new cousin...

    G.A.S. hit again. Picked up a 2001 57 Reissue today. Wonderful sounding guitar. Now I got two to choose from. What to play. What to play...
  7. Zeppelinguy85

    Neck pup sounds exactly like the bridge...

    I've had Duncan Antiquities in my 2001 R8 for a while now. Granted I never noticed this before because most of the time when I play with both pups at the same time they have been set at different volumes, plus I have never been a big "woman tone" fan till recently. So cut to yesterday. I set...
  8. Zeppelinguy85

    Where is everybody!!!!!!!

    What's going on. Normally when I go on there is at least a hundred people on the forum. Tonight there is three. Is there some party I am missing or something. I feel so alone.... :hrmph
  9. Zeppelinguy85

    The stuff you can buy on ebay.

    My mom told me about this. This guy sold a "possessed coke can" on ebay for two hundred and fourteen dollars. Unbefuckinglievable. :wow :wow http://www.possessedcan.com/
  10. Zeppelinguy85

    Little skeptical about tech 21 but....

    Damn this thing sounds good!!!! I was looking for a small versitile amp and boy does the Trademark 10 deliver. The Marshall setting is better than my old Marshall combo. I am just blown away at how many tones this has. I haven't even tweeked it too much. Everyone on the forum was right this...
  11. Zeppelinguy85

    Dunlop straplock assembly

    I bought a set of dunlop straplocks for my LP. But I have one question: how do the damn things come apart???? They came assembled and I can't get the retaining clip (the little 3/4 moon shaped piece) off. Does anyone know how to get it off. Thanks
  12. Zeppelinguy85

    Pic of my new R8

    I need to get more pics loaded but here is one for now. http://www.lilypix.com/photos/showpic.php?aid=1783&uuid=574&pid=25267
  13. Zeppelinguy85

    I got an R8!!!

    Today I picked up my 01 R8. Iced Tea finish with a lovely top. My god what have I been missing all these years! The guitar just rings. The neck is just beautiful. Real chunky. I did the deal at Marks Guitar Loft and I must say I couldn't be happier. Sorry just needed to brag a little.
  14. Zeppelinguy85

    Anyone who gets the New Hampshire PBS station turn it on Quick!!!

    They are playing an old Carl Perkins and Friends show from the 80's. (11 p.m. eastern) It has Clapton, Harrison, and they made reference to Les Paul already. I am sure people here have seen it but I haven't seen it before and I must say it is incredible! :dude :dude :dude
  15. Zeppelinguy85

    Why do they do this....

    Why does the cable company have to change the channel order when I have all the channels I watch commited to memory??? I woke up this morning, turned on my tv and changed it to a channel only to find snow. Then I have to search for the channel. Sorry for the rant but does anyone else find this...
  16. Zeppelinguy85

    Dickey Betts put a whammy bar on Goldie?!?!?!?

    Ok I got the ABB box set "Dreams" and was flipping through the booklet that it came with. On page 23 of the book (I can't scan the picture right now) at the bottom. Dickey is holding a goldtop that has wear in about the same spots as goldie with some kind of floyd rose/khaler tremolo on it. Does...
  17. Zeppelinguy85

    A variation of the wood steam out trick.

    Today I had my SG in my lap and it fell into my desk pushing in a hunk of wood. Rather upset about this I tried to think of a way to fix it when I remembered the trick in Dan's book about using a soldering iron to steam out wood. Since I didn't have a soldering iron handy I tried to think what...
  18. Zeppelinguy85

    A new toy to play with

    Yesterday I picked up a cherry red faded sg. I must say that was a little put off by some negative comments about them for a while but the one I got is very nice. It is good because one I got rid of an epiphone to do it (good ridance) and two it is a great guitar. A few of the fret ends are a...
  19. Zeppelinguy85

    Gettin' me a faded sg

    Hopefully by thursday I will have my new faded sg. Although I doubt it cuz I got them throw in fret work for free. I just have to sell my epi (good ridance) and she's mine. I'll keep posted when I get it though.
  20. Zeppelinguy85

    Maple Necks???

    What year did Gibson stop putting maple necks on les pauls, and went back to mahogany. I am looking for a LP standard and would like to know.