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  1. TwoTubMan

    Guitar Trader #19 aka Ruby

    Finally got some decent pictures, enjoy!
  2. TwoTubMan

    Johnny Winter's Bird, Up Close

    Great thread just started over at TGP. Killer pics of a true Road Warrior. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=470725
  3. TwoTubMan

    I Need To Confess

    My three favorite Fleetwood Mac albums are "Kiln House", "Future Games", and "Bare Trees". Sorry. Along with John and Tom Fogerty this is where I learned guitar. Flame suit on, but if you haven't heard these albums, you really don't know what you're missing.
  4. TwoTubMan

    Jack Bruce

    Are there any other fans here? Me? He's simply my muse. The cat who took chances, and didn't care about album sales. "Songs For A Tailor" and, my favorite album of all time, "Harmony Row", I cannot imagine better music than that. Tell me there's some Jack fans here.
  5. TwoTubMan

    McCartney turns 64 Sunday

    The answer to most of the questions asked in the song is apparently "No".
  6. TwoTubMan

    Firebird/SG Bridge Question

    I've been pondering where to post this, so if this is the wrong place, my apologies. Back in the 70's I bought both a '63 Firebird 3 and a '68 SG Special, and immediately pulled the non-adjustable bridges and replaced them with Bad Asses. Yes, I kept the originals. In a couple of weeks I'm...
  7. TwoTubMan

    New Guitar Player/Cream Transcriptions

    WTF was that guy smoking when he transcribed "Dance The Night Away"? :bigal
  8. TwoTubMan

    P90 Question

    I was just given a pair of Gibson P90's after my best friend decided to go with Harmonic Designs. My problem is that he kept the screws that attach them to the body. I searched the Stew-Mac page, and didn't find what I am looking for. So, my question is, what AM I looking for? I know neither...
  9. TwoTubMan

    The Blackguard Book

    Has anyone else dropped the $85 for this? I did, and I have to admit I was sceptical, but after having looked at it for a few weeks, I'm now convinced. This is the absolute benchmark against which any future guitar books will be judged. I'm not even a big Tele fan, but the detail they go into...
  10. TwoTubMan

    President's Day

    Since this holiday doesn't specify any country, I think I'll go with Robert Mugabe all day Monday. http://bob.co.za/index.htm
  11. TwoTubMan

    My new amp!

    Doug and I have been planning this one for two years. I am dancing around the room for this baby. "Le Brigitte" http://vintone.com/a1_a_rw.html
  12. TwoTubMan

    I have bad news for ya'll

    The children are NOT our future. From Harmony Central. "Best Pickups for Gibson SG Standard in drop tuning what are the your best picks for pickups (humbuckers) to replace in a gibson sg standard for drop tuning 2 steps down (C) ? music played is going to be melodic death metal also able to...
  13. TwoTubMan

    Live Yardbirds

    I'll begin with an apology, it's from Harmony Central, so beware of viruses. My computer is too slow to download these. Like I said, buyer beware. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1115389 It isn't a Les Paul. But there are a number of Jimmy Page fans here...
  14. TwoTubMan

    Mullard GZ37

    Anyone ever seen any Mullards with the phrase "British Made" in place of the normal "Made In Great Britain"? I was looking at Ebay auction # 5828084460 earlier today, and I personally don't remember seeing any labled like that. Any opinions? Rich
  15. TwoTubMan

    Preservation Polish

    Trying to clean up a '68 SG Special with this product. That '68 formerly owned by a very heavy smoker, and I've got a few problems. 1 No matter how hard or long I scrub, it's leaving a white haze. 2 #1 is made more difficult by how fast it dries. 3 I'm rubbing and scrubbing, how the heck do...
  16. TwoTubMan

    63 Firebird 3 Neck Seperation

    Howdy. I hope that everyone had a safe and fun 4th. I've got a '63 Firebird III, no-bird, two piece neck. Owned it since '76, but since around '95 the neck has showed a slight seperation down the center. Just a couple of millimeters, but it's there. It seems stable, and doesn't affect...