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  1. ajay taylor

    Possible 58 Burst

    I'm not going to look at what appears to be a 1958 Burst, because apparently it was listed by a lying thief.
  2. ajay taylor

    Is This A Desreable R9 Les Paul Top?

    Would this be a collectable R9?
  3. ajay taylor

    Looking At A 1939 J-35

    I'm looking at a really nice 1939 J-35. What do You folks think of a price around 10K?
  4. ajay taylor

    Gibson's 2014 '61 Alnico 5 Pickups Will CreanTone PAF Spaced Covers Fit Them?

    Thanks I guess the '61 Gibson pups are PAF's.
  5. ajay taylor

    Info Wanted About Throbak PAF's

    I'm considering putting Throbak Alnico II Pickups on my Les Paul Peace. Any opinions on how close to true vintage sound these pickups are capable of sounding? I'm not trying to do anything more than set up this guitar for mainly studio use. I know that they go for twice what Seymor's top pickups...
  6. ajay taylor

    For Trade- 1968 to 1971 Original Gibson Rectangular Case With Original Neck Strap

    Case Has Minor Damage-Removed From Sale
  7. ajay taylor

    Would This Flame Make A Good Dirty Lemon Finish

    I bought this Les Paul because I thought it would make a good Dirty Lemon guitar. I just want a good player that has the worn '59 look. It sounds and plays really great, so I'm hoping that the flame would be a good match for that "Skinnerburst" look. The swirls around the knobs are reflections...
  8. ajay taylor

    Looking For Pickup Suggestions

    I've been playin' with the stock '61 Zebra's. I've been thinkin' about something with tons of crunch for this LP. I have the same Pups on another LP, so I want to heat this one up. has anyone put the SD Slash Pups in one, and how did it work for You?
  9. ajay taylor

    Really 1968 Les Paul Rectangular Case Model 1237

    For Sale- 1968 Rectangular Les Paul Rectangular Case Model #1237. I've seen a lot of them, and this is one of the best. Still has the original Gibson neck retainer strap which is missing on most. Compressed where the strap button contacts the bottom of the case, but solid. Put Your '68 Lester in...
  10. ajay taylor

    What A Difference Knobs Can Make

    Since I bought a Peaceful Orange Peace Les Paul, I've been looking for a set of "Peace Sign" knobs, since the original owner sold them. I'm still looking for a set. When I got it, it came with a set of Gold Speed Knobs. One of them is broken, so I bought a set of "Dark Amber" knobs. Well, the...
  11. ajay taylor

    Installing Speed Knobs

    I have a new set of speed knobs for my Les Paul Standard. I doun't want to screw them up so that when You look through the top You can see that they're broken. Is anyone here an expert? They are going on to the end of Genuine Gibson Pots. I was thinking about heating them up with a blow dryer...
  12. ajay taylor

    Hartke 350 Watt Bass Amp

    I have a friend who is the original owner of a Hartke 350 watt Bass Amp. It is virtually unplayed. Instead of having the head unit and preamp built into the speaker cabinet, it has the head stacked on top of the speaker cabinet. I'm pretty sure that it's a tube preamp, and the speaker cabinet...
  13. ajay taylor

    My Peaceful Orange Les Paul Needs Peaceful Knobs (Ad in Classifieds)

    Peace Knobs were ripped off. I'm looking for a set to replace them. Thanks
  14. ajay taylor

    WTB-Gibson Peace Knobs Set of Four

    Iten Has Been Purchased Thanks AJAY