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  1. mdubya

    Request for JD Simo to demo and discuss his new Pelham ES 355

    For those of you who communicate with JD regularly, could you ask him to demo and discuss his new ES 355 for us here on the LPF? I would love to know more about why he doesn't let Red rest and play his CC models and how this new 355 will fit in. I am sure we have seen the photos of the beating...
  2. mdubya

    Gold finish on Memphis ES LP's - will it green?

    Does anyone know if Memphis uses copper or anything else in the ES LP Goldtop finishes that will allow it to "green up" over time? I have a 2015 ES LP VOS Goldtop. I have rubbed a bunch if the "gunk" off of the finish of the guitar with carnauba. Most of the VOS effect is still there including...