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  1. frenchphil

    NGD! Near mint 1970/early 71 Les Paul Custom

    awesome!! really clean so clean that i wonder if the switch tip is original?
  2. frenchphil

    what pickups on a 1987 bb king lucille?

    hello! i m looking at a 1987 bb king lucille en cherry red , the owner doesnt know anything about the pickups, except they are stock on the guitar, he is the first and only owner. so my question is: what are the stock pickups on a 87 lucille? thanks!
  3. frenchphil

    Help me decide... 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom vs. 90's Les Paul Custom 57' Reissue

    i ve had a 87 and i have a 93 standard i didnt like the shaws either but didnt like the 498 490 combo in the 90 s so i swaped pickups .i would go for the 87 and change pickups, but keep the shaws to put them back on for resale
  4. frenchphil

    pots and caps on 74 les paul custom

    i have the t top stock in the guitar the only missing parts are pots and capacitors and gold pickup covers also if you got some please
  5. frenchphil

    pots and caps on 74 les paul custom

    thanks very much but i have these original parts , the only ones missing are pots and capacitors and also the gold pups covers....if you have some
  6. frenchphil

    90 's les paul standard price

    your is a 93 to know the year just take the first and fith figure and that gives you the year it was made. 93 is the year they started the custom shop many workers at gibson were really good at the time so good they started the custom shop and the quality control was great
  7. frenchphil

    90 's les paul standard price

    dont sell it these are great guitars i have a 93 standard it s better than the 4 lp i ve had in the past r9 r8 etc etc the build quality is excellent the materials like plastic and chrome are excellent so are the woods i suggest you change the pickups put some bare...
  8. frenchphil

    pots and caps on 74 les paul custom

    hi everyone. i m looking for advice: i have a 74 custom and i want to put it back to its original condition, the pots and caps have been changed along the way and i dont have the originals: my question is: what kind of pots and caps were there originally and where can i find them? thank...
  9. frenchphil

    what is special about the 2007 R8 ?

    reading your post reminds me of what my old 2007 r8 sounded like . sold it for a r9 which was not as good. and since then i m lucky to have found a 1993 standard which is the best i ve had
  10. frenchphil

    thoughts on 1974 custom??

    i think you re right judging by your experience and training course, so no i wonder what it was that was in the slot and that smelt....
  11. frenchphil

    Please help find my long lost stolen Les Paul Custom

    i d be really happy if you could find that custom back. wishing you all the best luck and help
  12. frenchphil

    Help me identify this humbucker

    i saw measuring of 498 that were that high i found this thread on the forum: https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/specs-on-490r-498t-pus-output-resistance-etc.2752/#:~:text=The%20498T%20which%20was%20in,DC%20resistance%20of%207.77%20Kohm.
  13. frenchphil

    Compare '58, '59, '60 bursts and R9

    ok fine i dont get all the nuances cause i m french but never mind
  14. frenchphil

    looking for t top gold covers

    hi everyone ! i m looking for a set of gold t top pickups cover to put on my 74 custom..... anyone selling these? or do you where to find them? i searched the web but hard to find any help will be much appreciated cheers
  15. frenchphil

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    and why not try a 59 dot reissue from the 80s? with shaw pups. quality is really good, they are highly regarded and dont cost as much as reissues
  16. frenchphil

    Help me identify this humbucker

    i think measuring the resistance would be a good idea a 498 t is near the 13 k so that can help
  17. frenchphil

    Help me identify this humbucker

    didnt know it was the default base, but i had these pups in my current 93 standard and they were just the same
  18. frenchphil

    Compare '58, '59, '60 bursts and R9

    what do you mean?
  19. frenchphil

    Help me identify this humbucker

    now that i think about ir twice i am pretty sure most definitevely rather positive that these are 498 t and 490 r