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    Value of a vintage ´64 Firebird, modded and "heavy relic"

    Hello, I look for some opinion of a Firebird 1 converted to FB 3 in heavy players grade condition. Second PU added, fretboard markers installed for a special look by former Texan owner. No repairs, breaks. This Bird has been around many blocks many times... I like it very much, and would be...
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    Vintage dealers in London UK - where to go ?

    There are some vintage LP´s offered in London. Can you recommend honest dealers in London, please ? I don´t want to fall into the hands of the many times as suspectful mentioned "father and son". Thank you very much.
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    Pickguard repro early 50´s wanted

    Tele pickguard repro early 50´s wanted I am looking for a 1950-54 era repro guard for a Telecaster - bakelite, blackguard. I know there are several on the market from different suppliers, stating to be vintage correct. Those I have do not fit exactly. Does anybody know which are really correct...
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    WTB 53-55 LP player grade

    I am looking for a GT ( she will stay gold, no converting intentions !!!) or a Custom. They have to have original finish. Can be in poor condition. Thank you.
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    vintage Leesona for sale / value ?

    Hi, I am offered a vintage Leesona 115-102 winding machine. In good working order. Can anybody tell something about how much you can pay for such a machine ? Cheers
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    The Blackguard book wanted

    Can any body bring me into contact with Nacho, please ? I really would love buy a copy. I´ve already mailed him several times via his website, but with no answer... Is anybody here willing to sell one of his books ? Thank you all ! Cheers
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    ´52 P-90 magnet idying question

    For a customer´s early 50´s restoration I acquired two sets of early 50´s P-90. I have to be absolutely sure to get him vintage correct parts. He´s a real important customer for me, so nothing should be questionable ! I´ve observed that the magnets in the pickups look like they had been made...
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    WTB vintage LP player / "project" guitar

    Hello, I am looking for a vintage Std , Custom or junior in any used condition. Could be even a wreck. Only original finish, please. Anything else does not matter. I want to bring an old one back to life ! Every offer is welcome. Cheers
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    WTB early ES 330

    Hello, I am looking for an 330. I want her in cherry red, 1963 is preferred. Two PU´s . Should have no breaks / repairs, be in original condition ( minor changes, as far as reversible are ok ). Can show signs of age. Also interested in other finished 330 to ´65 any offers welcome Cheers
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    RollsRoyce grade latches wanted

    Hello , for a very special guitar build I am building a high-class leather case as well . What I am looking for are the best metal parts, latches and hinges available. I´d like to call those the RollsRoyce of the latches. I do not need the usual stamped steel stuff. I want classy, heavy...
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    `73 LPC headstock repaired ? opinions needed please

    I think about purchasing a 1973 LP Custom. It´s a player, well worn. I am not sure about a repair in the headstock area. Do you think the volute looks cosher ? Seller states there´s no repair. Thank you all !
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    `69 LPC binding ?

    Hello, I was asked to replace about 2 inches of binding on a `69 LPC. I need to get the right material in time, because the customer does not want to part with the guitar for longer then one week. So my question is : is the LP Custom binding celluloid or is it Royalite / ABS also ? Which...
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    Education about 70´s finish needed

    Hi, I was offered a ´74 strat in black. It´s really impossible to tell wether the finish is original or not. I cannot tell for sure examinating the screw holes. Because black is regarded as more valuable, this aspect is interesting for the negotiations. There is no checking to be seen, but I...
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    Headstock angle on ´65 SG ?

    Hello, I have a repair job on my workbench. It´s a ´65 SG junior, the headstock is broken, the damage looks very ugly. But it´s not the first time it had snapped off, there´s at least one more repair done. By putting the parts together, it´s no more possible to measure the headstock pitch...
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    White rectangular sticker in a ´65 345 ?

    From an ebay auction for a 1965 ES 345: Can you educate me about the strange sticker, please ?
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    Early 70´s LP deluxe in black ?

    Are there early 70´s ( 1970 / 73 ) deluxes in black ? How can you tell if they are factory black ? Thanks
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    How removing metal tips from wafflebacks ?

    Hi , for a project I´d like to use waffleback tuners, but I want to change the metal keystone buttons. I will put some custom made Ivoroid buttons on. This is just to match the design of the guitar. I need information about how to remove those without any damage. How are they fixed ? Or do I...
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    Firebird VII from Brian Jones ?

    I just saw an ad for an Firebird VII with the following description : Ex-Brian Jones (Stones!) I verified d ser# w/ Anita Pallenberg!! the Legendary Top-of the-Line-Model from Gibsons Art-Deco-Design Firebird series!! ONLY made 20pcs in 1963!!! and so on. Included are three crappy pictures...
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    Help with ´56 Guild Aristocrat

    No Gibson at all, but a nice 50s guitar. I really don´t know where else I could ask for some help. Even the Guild Company did not help in any way ! So for the vintage collectors and specialists : I am restoring a vintage Aristocrat. I need a tailpiece ! None on the bay or at the dealers I´ve...
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    Late 60´s 355 all mahogany

    I´ve been offered a late 60´s all mahogany 355 in a very good condition. No repairs or anything else. It´s seems like a rare guitar. What would be a fair price ? Sorry, but I have no pics.