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    "1956" Les Paul Burst eBay Identify

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/284381405839?hash=item423673e28f:g:FfYAAOSwdalg-cez Odd that it seems to have put itself back together and with the "original" finish.
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    NVG Day Epiphone Casino

    Hi. Not a frequent poster, but a voracious reader of the forum. Acquired this gem from an estate sale. Well cared for 1964 Epiphone Casino. I was shopping for a ES-330 and this one happened upon me. It will require a setup, but not much more. Plenty of frets life, so I will leave that...
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    I think I found Beano

    This is from Patty Boyd's book. She stole Beano and sold it. Converted to a stratocaster in the process.
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    Dallas Guitar Festival

    I have a general question for anyone familiar with the Dallas International Guitar Festival I've never been. During the "Exhibitors Only" (9am --> noon) on Friday, does any selling occur? I want to understand if I score an exhibitor pass, could I shop and make a purchase? Or is this time...
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    NGD: 1961 "Les Paul" SG Reissue

    I believe this is a 61 reissue. Made in 1990. https://flic.kr/p/BSPeQW https://flic.kr/p/CN2aUu
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    VGE (Vintage guitar encounter)

    Shopping this holiday season and put hands on a nice 1953. I still marvel at the relative value in a non burst cousin of a burst LP. Getting closer to a N(v)GD...
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    Leo's Les Paul

    Hi all. I have always wanted one of these earlier 59 tributes and this is the first one I have seen on the bay for some time. Is this a rare opportunity or something to pass on? I definitely like it at the current price. Thoughts...
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    Decision support for 1960 Reissue Purchase

    Hi all. I am in a position to purchase either a 1960 50th Anniversary LP (Gold Book) or a 1960 LP Standard VOS (with paper burst background COA). I am purchasing for occasional playing and will maintain a decent valuation/appreciation. I have a firm understanding of the Gold Book guitar, but...
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    The guitar at the top of the page.

    Hi. I searched around and tried to figure out what guitar is in the banner for this forum. It's got to be the most perfect specimen. What is it? Reissue or real deal? thanks.
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    1983 standard

    http://guitar-review.blogspot.se/2005/02/gibson-les-paul-standard-flame-top-usa.html I am new to the forum and have one of these maple neck LPs with a natural looking flame top. By the serial number, I know it's a Nashville and not an early 80s Historic. But is it special or unique in any...