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  1. hank

    Lucky Me ... Met Joe Bonamassa Today

    hank turned into a fanboy today in Nashville. While visiting Carter's Vintage, I ran into Joe B. My thanks to Joe for visiting with me and discussing some of his videos. It was an honor. btw, "hank" is really "Joe" ....... so, two Joe's shown below. 20170127_143230 by f5joep, on Flickr
  2. hank

    FS: Beauty of the Burst Poster

    FS: Beauty of the Burst Poster - Sold For sale is a nearly pristine copy of the Beauty of the Burst Poster. It has spent its entire life in the original shipping tube. Approximately 21 1/2" x 31". Available for SOLD shipped and PayPal'd in CONUS only. Please PM or email...
  3. hank

    I Must Say .....

    I have been out of the USA LP mode for a long time. I looked at ten new USA LP's today at GC. Funky nuts, horrible script logo and auto-tuning pegs. Wow, Gibson has crapped on itself with these. Seriously, this stuff is near garbage for my use. Sorry, just my take. crap by joeallen2649, on...
  4. hank

    2009 Gibson Historic Chambered Les Paul - Pickups?

    Yes, I am not sure what original pickups are in my '09 CR8. Help/clarification is appreciated! hank
  5. hank

    Finally - Gibson Gets It Right

    Sarcasm Alert: Gibson finally gets the colors 'right'. No more changes to Historics, they're finished. Whew...
  6. hank

    Joe B. on GP Cover

    I waited a while to post this assuming everyone knew. Congrats Joe B.!
  7. hank

    '99 Historic LP Tuner Question

    I've got a great '99 R6. The tuners are not labeled. They do not say "Gibson Deluxe". They are the proper size and all. btw, they have nice ivoroid tulip buttons on them. Does anyone know what the proper tuner would or would not say? Thanks.
  8. hank

    2012 R9?

    I saw this on the other forum. Very interesting. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2012-USA-Gibson-Custom-Shop-1959-REISSUE-Les-Paul-R9-GLOSSY-LemonBurst-guitar-/180804284288?pt=Guitar&hash=item2a18c66f80
  9. hank

    WTB: Small Dog Les Paul Case Cover

    Looking for Small Dog Brand case cover for a Les Paul. Please email: f5joep@tds.net Thanks, hank
  10. hank

    NGD: 2011 R4 Dark Back

    I don't think I've ever posted a NGD thread. This time I felt that the guitar and the buying experience were worth mentioning. First, Mark Bishop (MGL) was the nicest dealer I've worked with in a long time. Good product helps, but Mark made the experience easy and very pleasant. Secondly, I...
  11. hank

    Case Help Please

    I just acquired a nice 1999 R6. I'm trying to find out what type of case was issued with these. I have looked at Danelectro's chronology but don't find any specific reference. Thanks for any help! Hank
  12. hank


    Got to see the boys again last night here in Knoxville. They put on a fabulous show. Billy did a few more extended solos on a number of tunes. I think he was energized by an appreciative crowd. They played at least three tunes that were new to me. Perhaps from their upcoming album, not...
  13. hank

    FS: Guitars of the Gods - Magnets

    For Sale is a very cool, unmolested, unopened set of Gibson guitar magnets. Includes the SG, Flying V, Les Paul, ES-355 and Explorer. This was made in 1996 and I'm the original owner. Package is 9" x 10 1/4" in size and sealed in original plastic wrap. Very cool Gibson "stuff". I'll ship...
  14. hank

    Van Jones

    I have absolutely nothing good to offer on the guy. However, I would like to hear others views ..... up or down. :hmm
  15. hank

    '01 R8 Question

    OK, need a bit of input. I'm about to post my R8 from 2001 in the classifieds. As I recall, '01's did not have COA's. Can someone please confirm or clarify this for me? I'm not the original owner. Thanks! hank :salude I should add that this is a very early '01 and full gloss, not Custom...
  16. hank

    First Year for COA's

    What year did Gibson start providing the COA's with Historic Les Pauls? Any help is appreciated. :)
  17. hank

    Rev. Jackson - Nut Cutter

    Boys, I can't believe you've let this one slide. Carry on please. :2zone
  18. hank

    Hillary Picks algore as running mate!

    April fools! We can only WISH! Two shitheads for the price of one. :rofl
  19. hank

    Barry "Byrd" Burton - Passing

    Byrd passed away March 10th in Nashville. He was the original Amazing Rhythm Aces guitarist, Sam Phillips/Sun Producer, Nashville Producer, pilot, and incredible guitarist. http://plunkchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/03/byrd-burton-1947-2008.html Byrd was 61 and I'm 59. In 1971, as a member of...
  20. hank

    Guitar Center G0

    OK, 'ole hank's been tied up in a closet for quite a while. In other words, not around. I found two fantastic GC G0's/plaintops. What's the perspective on these vs. other R0's. Yes, VOS and all. Thanks, hanklin Perhaps whoops, here's a related thread...