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    Refretting a '58 Special

    I was wondering if it is necessary to have to sand or plane down the fret board to 'true' it up before installing the new fret wire? Two different repair guys have told me that it will most likely need it-they haven't seen it in person yet. I don't want to lose any wood and I don't want the dot...
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    '58 Les Paul Special fret size?

    I hope I'm posting in the right section... Anyway, would anyone know the original size frets that were installed on a '58 Special? I'm not so worried about the tang size but the width and height of the fret. Does any company make a comparable size today? Do any of you guys(gals) have any...
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    Late '60 Tuners?

    Hello, I'm fairly new here though I have been reading posts for a bit. I need to replace one of my crumbled tuners on my late '60 Burst and the rest look like they will dissolve at any time. So I figure I should try to pay the bucks and score some originals. I am talking the single line...