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    Custom Shop Firebird Serial

    I have a Custom Shop Firebird V in Kerry Green. The serial # is 020265. Can anyone confirm that this is a CS serial? Thanks! Mike Whoops ... forgot to mention.... I bought it used from Dave's in Wisconsin and it came without a COA. Any way to get a replacement? Thanks again!
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    1968 SG Standard Shielding

    Does anyone know if Gibson put a shielding plate in the control cavity of 68 SG Standards? Thanks!
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    1968 SG Saddles

    I have a 68 SG Standard that somewhere in its life had its nylon saddles replaced. I want to replace the present saddles with nylon so the guitar looks/sounds stock. What's the best solution for this - Tusq, Allparts nylon, etc. Thanks! Mike
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    Does Martin Barre have another burst?

    He mentions that his current gear is ... "What is your current guitar? I am playing a P22 by PRS Guitars on stage; this guitar features separate outputs for the electric side and the acoustic underbridge pickup. As a standby, I have a PRS ME Quatro. I have also started using my 1959 Gibson...
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    Rory Gallagher Speakers

    I just saw a oicture of one of Rory's AC30's and noticed it has Fane "The Crescendo" speakers. ' There's not a lot of info but apparently they were made in the early 70's and were also used by David Gilmour. Anyone have any experience with the speakers, how they sound, different versions, a...
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    Nudge Nudge Wink Wink...

    Say no more .... http://www.tedweber.com/comics/index.htm
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    "Canadian" Cases from Elderly

    Does anyone have any experience with the "Canadian" guitar cases from Elderly? They look very similar to a comparable TKL and am wondering if they are the same case. Since TKL's seems to be tough to find, this might be a good alternative. Have a look at the cases for a LP Jr ...
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    SG Cases

    The case for my SG is pretty much dead and I am going to replace it. Anyone have any suggestions for the best fitting case? I looked at the Gator GW-SG-Brown case and it seems to resemble my original case very closely (in color, lining etc.) but am wondering if a TKL would be better, and if...
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    ES335 Switch

    Here's a dumb question .... For all of you that play a 335 or similar style guitar, how do you position the toggle switch? Do you like it so it flips straight up and down (North to South) or on a bit of an angle (NE to SW). Thanks!
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    Billy the Rev's Equipment

    Found a video with Elwood regarding Billy's touring guitars and equipment. Also, makes mention of the "Gibbons Lucky Mojo" Pearly Gates guitar. Tuns out it's a Gibson PG HEAVILLY modded by the Gibbons camp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6DrxfrbbF8&feature=player_embedded#at=150 Thanks to...
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    ES-335 Selector Switch

    I'm going to pull the guts on my made in Korea Hamer Echotone (ES-335 copy) and replace pups, pots etc. Does anyone know what style pickup selector is used on a 335 - the short straight or the 90 degree bend? Thanks!
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    Les Paul On A Wall ...

    I'm going to wall hang my guitars and am wondering what you guys do to keep 'em dust free. Do you use a Swiffer kind of thing, compressed air .... ?
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    Bone Saddles in 1960 LP?

    I was out slumming and stumbled across this .... http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/tonefreaks/104691-bone-abr-1-saddles.html He claims that Gibson used bone saddles on some 1960 guitars before switching to nylon. Anyone ever hear / see this? I'm not sure if the poster meant LP's or another model
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    Tusq and String Saver Saddles

    Brought this over from the Tech area where it was dying a slow death! I have a TonePros AVR-2 bridge on my SG. It has the stock brass saddles. I want to swap in either Tusq or StringSaver saddles. What are your experiences with these saddles and how do they compare soundwise to the brass...
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    Tusq or StringSaver Saddles

    I have a TonePros AVR-2 bridge on my SG. It has the stock brass saddles. I want to swap in either Tusq or StringSaver saddles. What are your experiences with these saddles and how do they compare soundwise to the brass saddles? Thanks!
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    Tonepros Saddles

    I just got some AllParts nylon saddles for my Tonepros ABR-1 style saddle and noticed that the nylon saddles don't have the screw holes in the same position as the original saddles. You have to fight like hell to get them in and then the screw hole in the saddle elongates. WTF!!! Are there...
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    Pickup Clips

    Hey guys, I stumbled across this at another site and thought you might be interested. It's not a great comparison, but it's worth a listen. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=950856&content=music
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    Guitar With 250k Pots

    I've got a guitar with a P90 in the neck and a Fralin Steel Pole Tele pickup in the neck. I forget which model it is but it's hotter than stock. Anyway, I've got 250k pots for both the volume and treble with a .047 cap. What would changing to a 500k volume pot do for the sound? I would keep...
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    59 In Depth Les Paul Build

    There's a fellow on another forum who is building a '59 LP. Note that he is replicating the 59 as close as humanly possible and the amount of information he is providing is AMAZING!! Far more detail then I've seen anywhere else. Check it out ...
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    TKL / Gibson Cases

    Does anyone know which TKL series of cases is most similar to the Gibson Les Paul ones? The two lines that I'm looking at is the Premier and the Prestige lines. I'm not sure what the difference is between them and which one is most similar to Gibson's. Thanks!