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    Not seeing any "new" Murphy Lab info , thought I would share mine .

    Without naming names : After getting an ultra aged from a retailer . A Murphy Lab ultra light aged with / dark cherry back . I was just looking mind you , but fell for it . Once in hand , I sent it back . I found a M2M heavy aged elsewhere . I was told when I pulled the trigger it was not a...
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    New Guitar Day M2M 68RI Les Paul custom

    I had an 87 that I bought new , traded it in , in 2013 for a 57GTRI . I have been looking for it ever since , or one like it . https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/3039/Dn1atC.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/5512/7FWvwa.jpg...
  4. J

    Sold 7 got 1

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  6. J

    Got a VOS question , Thanks

  7. J

    VOS finish question

    VOS finished qustion How are / were VOS finishes done , some stated it was done early on with a coating , others said , just a final polish not done .
  8. J

    NGD 2015 Wildwood spec '61 ES335 VOS

    What a great guitar .
  9. J

    NGD 57 RI VOS Gold top 2014

    Got a nice gold top, regular custom buckers (my 13 RI 60 has e-buckers , cool to have both ) Love it ! Played it thru my Bogner GF45 w/212 , sounds Bad ass .
  10. J

    Rolled finger board edge pictures please

    Anyone got a picture of the new True Historic rolled fingerboard edge's , thanks .
  11. J

    Stepped right into gibson in 2013

    Whats your take on difference between custom buckers and ebuckers I did a better search , found what I was looking for , thanks
  12. J

    2nd 2013

    2013 .