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    Quit my band, here’s my final contribution!

    So last year I quit the band I was in, Underwing. I quit the band because it demanded more commitment than I could give due to having a full-time job as a teacher as well as a baby on the way. I still had one final song left to record with the band called “House on Fire”. This is the solo...
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    Getting Fender tones with a Les Paul through a Strymon Iridium

    A few weeks ago, I got my first Les Paul as a surprise gift from my wife! It’s a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it has proven to be the best guitar I’ve ever played! Not only does it look nice, smell nice and play nice, it sounds amazing as well! To show some of the versatility...
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    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow 2020

    My wife surprised me and gave me a 30th birthday present in advance! This is a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it is the best damn guitar I’ve ever played! Instead of posting pictures, I made this jam to show off the guitar! Truth be told, this is my first Gibson and my first Les...