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    A blast from the past

    If you could use a laugh, this is an archived thread from long ago that some here may have never read. The stories are reprints by Spose from an earlier thread from the first server by Big Al titled "Wind is an Awful Thing, and Smokin' Kill's". I remember laughing so hard, the BA and Rich...
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    A few pics of my 56 conversion

    I fell out of my chair when I saw how well Billy's (lpnv59) 56 conversion turned out after he bursted it. After a couple of gold refins of my 56 that I wasn't totally happy with, I just had to ask him if he would be willing to do mine as well. And I am soooo glad I did!!! I am really beside...
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    What an idiot!!

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    Toy's Burst

    Here's some very fine playing and tone! I love MTB! http://youtube.com/watch?v=n5yyeyLnnoo
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    The Golf Channel does it again...

    These people must get drunk before going on the air :rofl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvgqVUO3vUg
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    First, before anyone asks, I will still be winding pickups late at night, so this endeavor will not slow me down with that. I will be tending to this mainly during my lunch break every day when I cannot wind pickups. If you would like a set of pickups, please contact me at...
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    Monkey Business

    This is funny - http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=d48763bbdeb85d9504e81675a1e37ac6.627784
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    Test results- Liquid vs Hot hide glue

    I found this test and found it surprising. The liquid glue outperformed the hot glue except under extreme conditions like very high temp or humidity. I don't know anything about glue but I thought some here might like to read this- http://aic.stanford.edu/sg/wag/1990/WAG_90_buck.pdf
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    Goodbye Don Knotts

    What a great actor! I will miss him! :salude http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060225/ap_on_en_tv/obit_knotts
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    Hope you are ok GuitarG!!

    Our fellow member GuitarG lives in Foley, Alabama which is only a few miles off of the coast just north of Gulf Shores where hurricane Ivan hit head on. From the pictures I've seen many homes and condo's have been devistated. GuitarG, I hope you and your family made it through ok!!
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    Special ES345 Patch cord

    This would be easy to do, but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried it or, if there is anything like it on the market. From what I understand, the sterio output on the 345's are out of phase. To make it sound like a 335 in the middle position the phase of one pickup has to be switched. So...
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    TS-808 gets reissued

    If this has already been discussed then I appologize, but I just saw this. Wonder why it took them so long? http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM04/Content/Ibanez/PR/TS808.html
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    My old wood

    I will try to put the clip back up and maybe one with my 99 also.
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    Check out my conversion!!

    I finally have the tone that I have wanted for a long time. I just got my guitar back from Roy (rsrelic) and I think he did a fantastic job! The guitar is a '56 that I got last December. It had been refinished with the wrong gold color on the front and back, and had been refretted. I had...
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    When did the logo move up?

    Did the logo move up during 57 after the switch to paf's? I've seen one picture of a 57 with paf's and the logo was still low, but I don't know if it's legit. Anyone know? Thanks!
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    Rush 'Working Man' tone

    I've heard that Lifeson played a 345 in the early days, but when I hear this song it sounds like a burst. Does anyone know for sure? Anyone know which amp he was using? Sounds like a plexi to me. that tone is killing me!
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    Why can't Gibson get the carve right?

    It doesn't seen like rocket science to me, but is there a skill or tooling that they had in the 50's that prevents it being done now, or do you get the feeling that Gibson doesn't want to get it right? Maybe they are holding it up there sleeve to use as selling point in a couple of years.
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    What's the scoop on back plate color?

    On the 50's Les Pauls, some back plates are brown and some are black. I assume all bursts used black, but I've seen gold tops with black and brown. When was brown used?
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    '56 goldie vs '99 r9

    I just wanted to post my observations about the unpluged sound of my 56 and my 99 r9. I have spent alot of time just listening to the 2 guitars unpluged mainly because one has p90's and the other humbuckers. The 56 sounds very clean with a meaty bottom and bell like highs. It is very...
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    Coming soon...

    It will look exactly like a p90 but will sound exactly like a paf, so don't route that old gold top yet...