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  1. J

    Wilkinson/Gotoh Adjustable Tailpiece for a JR?

    I'm looking at this bridge to put on my JR for better intonation. Anyone have experience with this one? Is the profile low enough?
  2. J

    1st vintage LP in 12 years......

    ........ it was too cute. I just had to have it. 7 lbs even and a P-90 that reads 8K.
  3. J

    What's the deal with the Page # 2's??

    I see so many from so many years, some aged some not, some signed. How many runs have there been and of how many? I've seen runs of 25 and runs of 200???? I was offered a 2009 signed , aged guitar in trade . What would the value of such a guitar be?
  4. J

    They still come out of the woodwork!

    uncirculated 59 just surfaced
  5. J

    Need help..... need 59 control cavity shots

    Need pictures of 59 control cavities. Only 59s Please post as many as you have. Much appreciated
  6. J

    Checking or no checking???.....

    So I just picked up this 05 R9 faded tobacco burst in a trade deal. It once belonged to another forum member here. Anyway, it has light aging on the parts and has other upgrades such as Buzzy inlays etc. It is perfect checking weather up here in Canada and I am debating whether or not to check...
  7. J


  8. J

    Re-finning a 58 goldtop... question.

    Does anyone know where I can get the CORRECT gold powder? Thanks.
  9. J

    For your pleasure.. a not often seen or talked about 59

    May I present Noel (the Christmas burst) serial # 9 2010 , 9.9 condition Deleted.... Thank Burst Me up for saving you from "infection" JJB out
  10. J

    Cleanest 68........ever!

    It's a slam dunk perfect 10. Dead mint...... not often that you can say that!
  11. J

    coldest Bursts ever......

  12. J

    Help me figure out a value

    I've been playing mostly lately and am out of the loop as far as prices go on a lot of the vintage stuff. I am trying to figure out a value on a 54 wrap around goldtop that has had only the top refinished(great job!) . The back and sides are original and in good shape. about 8.5 on 10. No...
  13. J

    Burst deals are getting harder and harder to do!!!!!!

    It's my 3rd night in this Quality Inn waiting for the mechanics of a deal for a 58 flametop to finish. Gone are the days of floppping down 25K in cash and walking out with the guitar. Do you guys have any idea what a PAIN it is do wire a large some of money across borders! I feel like a stock...
  14. J

    Need a info about the treble pickup cavity on a 59 ES 335

    Anybody? Mike? I need to know if the pots were accessible through the pickup cavity. Someone is telling me that the hole between the treble pickup cavity and the control side of the guitar was not large enough to feed the pots and wiring harness through 59 and the holes were only enlarged in...
  15. J

    Over 10,000 hits on my auction today??!!!

    Someone is screwing with my auction that is presently on Ebay. There has been over 10,000 hits today alone and it is continuing to climb! Why would a jerk off hacker do such a thing? I exceeded my 10 gig bandwidth today alone and normally 10 gigs lasts a month. There's no way they are real hits...
  16. J

    Correct gold powder

    I Already posted this in Dan's guitar shop but I thought I might get a quicker response here. I' desperately need an answer quick. I need a source for the correct gold powder used on goldtops. Everything I found is too grainy (flecks are not fine enough) Can anyone point me to a supplier? I...
  17. J

    Correct gold powder

    I need a source for the correct gold powder used on goldtops. Everything I found is too grainy (flecks are not fine enough) Can anyone point me to a supplier? I need it yesterday! Thanks.
  18. J

    early 3 pickup custom is back.....

    OK , I can show this now...... http://stevesegal.hypermart.net/57LesPaulCustomBody1.JPG http://stevesegal.hypermart.net/57LesPaulCustominOHSC4.JPG
  19. J

    Look What I Found!! 1st 3 PU Custom!

    Look What I Found!! Sorry I had to pull the pic.
  20. J

    I Miss this one 9 2010 The one I let get away!

    Not many pics out there of this one. Nicknamed Noel ( Christmas in french) also known as The Christmas Burst. I bought it from the original owner Dec 21/1996 and have pics of me and the original owner holding the guitar in front of a christmas tree. The guitar was very close to dead mint, had a...