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  1. J

    Anyone own an Avatar 18 or 45 watt?

    Just looking fro some fresh feedback and reviews. Considering a 6V6 18 watt. Thanks
  2. J

    Are there still any fans of the Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups round here???

    This is one set I've not gotten around to trying but am still very curious. Marshallheads (various) were always too hot for me. I do like the Legends though. Anyone rocking the Dr. Vintage pickups still?
  3. J

    ReWind Custom Pickups; Any users, fans?

    I've heard of the Creme Brulee, but didn't know about all the other models. Demo vids sound killer! Anybody using these? http://re-wind.net/Buckers.html
  4. J

    Just ordered the Jet City 50w head....

    JCA50H ordered from MF (12% off, free shipping). 2 x 6L6, 5 x 12ax7, Soldano designed. Will be running it through my Stoneage 2x12C with Scumback M75's. First new amp in a while, will see how it compares to my Orange.
  5. J

    Gibson wireless ABR saddles....

    Is it normal for the screws/saddles to pop out so easily when adjusting? This is on a brand new saddle, never installed, not notched yet. They pop out with the slightest turn - but the fit seems pretty tight all around.
  6. J

    Another "which Klusons" thread....

    I've used Grover Rotomatics on my LP since '07 or so. I'm coming back around and frankly I'm tired of the look, weight and seems like I've had tuning quabbles ever since. They've never seemd really tight and accurate to me, I think they are the Chinese made Grovers. Which leads me to...what...
  7. J

    GHS Boomers??

    Anyone still using these? One of the big name winders was telling me about them the other day.
  8. J

    Shorted 3 Way Switch

    I finally got around to rewiring my Heritage last night, all was going good, nice clean soldering, everything checked out...until I soldered the switch ground. In 20+ years I have never had a switch short on me. It's the neck side at the ground connection. But, I see no runaway solder or...
  9. J

    Weight = Bigger sound?

    In my experience, I'm finding the heavier the guitar, the bigger/beefier the sound. Not always a good thing, there is a happy medium. Anyone else found this to be true?
  10. J

    BareKnuckle Riff Raffs Anyone?

    Just looking to see if anyone around here are using them, at least in the bridge. I prefer these to the Mules based on the soundclips on their website. Any reviews, comments?? Here's a video featuing the RR bridge/Mule in the neck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D756154qUdo&feature=plcp
  11. J

    The elusive PAF tone, covers??

    I am very familiar with the sonic differences of a cover vs. no cover. I've a/b'd this with many pickups over the last several years and almost always prefer them with no cover. However, I know not all PAF's came with covers, some did not. Just curious your thoughts on this and if the best...
  12. J

    '58 VOS Plaintop Specs?

    Just wanting to confirm the specs on the '58?? BB1 neck, BB2 bridge, 500k pots all around? Is that correct? Do all the Reissues and VOS models use 500k and not the 300k volume pots like the Standard/Traditional/Classics? What about the '59 - what's the main difference in the electronics on...
  13. J

    Custom Classic LE's?

    Looking at picking up a new LP Goldtop. CCLE vs. Traditional, any input/advice? Are the CC's Plek'd?
  14. J

    Four Wah Comparisons: CAE MC404, Vox V846 Handwired, RMC Joe Walsh, Area 51 Standard

    As I mentioned in another recent wah thread, I've owned over a dozen or so wah's in the last 5 years trying to find "the one". I've come full circle and decided to do one last shootout with three new models that had been on the list for a looong time (Teese JW, Vox HW, MC404) and a re-visit of...
  15. J

    Anyone tried Zhangbucker's lately?

    Any new reviews (or old followups) to report on? I'm talking to Dave now about a possible order.
  16. J

    Pot Luck!

    I've often wondered.. Do different brand pots sound "different"? I'm not talking 250k vs. 500k vs. 550k, etc. I mean would three pots of exactly the same value make your pickups sound any different, say Alpha vs. CGE vs. CTS? I.E. does the signal actually travel down/through the trace so...
  17. J

    WCR's Darkburst Neck

    Anyone by chance try the DB neck in the bridge position, or is this pretty much the same as a Crossroads bridge wind?
  18. J

    Wolfetone Legends

    Well I've been wanting to do this for a while, haven't bought any new humbuckers in a couple yrs. Money in hand, just sent Wolfe a very detailed email about what I'm looking for. Description of neck and bridge tones I'm looking for, clips, even the weight of my LP and pot values. I'm really...
  19. J

    Pole piece magnets??

    I know with all of the humbucker talk, PAFs, magnets, output, etc., etc. that "magnet type" be it A2, A3, A4 or A5 us usually referring to the bar magnet under the coils. But....what about the pole pieces themselves? How much variation is there in humbucker pole coils (as opposed to the slug...
  20. J

    Tonal variations in output taps???? Can someone explain.

    I've owned my RV50 since I bought new in 2007. At home I mostly use a single 8 ohm speaker and always use the same tap. At gigs and rehearsal I use my 16 ohm cab (2 x 8 ohms in series). Same speakers....I just discovered that all 3 output taps sound different (RV50 has 2 x 8 ohm taps and 1 x 16...