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  1. troyad

    1954 stratocaster

    Anyone know the significance of the #2 in the trem cavity on this guitar? I've seen one other with a similar mark but have never been able to find any info.
  2. troyad

    1970 telecaster for sale

    Nice original 1970 telecaster for sale. Some edge dings but nothing crazy. Not a lot of play wear and totally untouched as far as I can tell. Asking $6995 obo
  3. troyad


    I've decided, after much internal struggle, to sell my Nachocaster. It is just not receiving the love it deserves. Comes with everything included as new plus a matching # copy of the blackguard book. 4750 +$75 shipping for forum memvbers. Please add 2.9% for paypal. Shipping to the contiguous...
  4. troyad

    Marshall Experts needed

    I'm looking at a basketweave cab and I could use a little help with a couple things. It's supposed to be a 1970. One speaker has a date code from 1970 and one has one from 1968. The 1970 speaker is a T1217 and the 1968 is a T1281. According to the seller he sees nothing on the other two speakers...
  5. troyad

    Binky's Revenge - possible NAD

    I'm looking at possibly picking one of these up soon and figured I would come here and solicit some opinions from you fella's with more experience in this area.
  6. troyad

    Selling vintage?

    So, I'm thinking over the possibility of maybe selling a couple strats. Where do regular non-dealer/collector dudes go to market stuff? I don't really want to lose 20% to commission and stuff like ebay/reverb is just too full of scammers and BS. Any suggestions you guys have would be very much...
  7. troyad

    Who has a nachocaster

    I think I'm going to get getting one verrrrry soon and am just looking to hear what others have experienced. Pictures if you've got 'em!!
  8. troyad

    American Pickers

    Ok...I know some of you guys watch american pickers. I was watching the episode last week where they buy the gretsch and the fender amps and I'm a little puzzled by something. One of the amps was a brown vibroverb. First oddity....they had george gruhn on the phone and he said it was made in...
  9. troyad

    Broadcasters for sale?

    I'm thinking about getting serious about my desire for a Broadcaster. Anyone know of ones for sale? Advice from owners appreciated.
  10. troyad


    Ok...so I was just over poking around on the gear page and came across a thread titled "any other fans of designer clothes". Seriously....what the hell is wrong with those guys?
  11. troyad

    NGD - not a gibson

    [/url]20140617_214616 by troyad, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]20140617_214639 by troyad, on Flickr[/IMG]
  12. troyad

    Bonamassa at the Adler + NAD

    Anyone going to see Joe at the Adler Theare in Davenport, Ia. Saturday night? I fell into a couple of tickets so this will kind of make up for last time when my mom got sick and I couldn't go. I'm sure they're not 2nd row center....but still! Picked this up yesterday. Trying to consolidate...
  13. troyad

    I know it's not a Les Paul...but...

    Does anyone know what the #2 specifies here?
  14. troyad

    Vintage in Chicago

    Going to spend a week in Chicago at the end of the month and would like to get some browsing done while I'm there. What shops generally have the best vintage inventories?
  15. troyad

    Your Old Guitar DVD

    Anyone know if these guys are still doing business? I sent paypal money a couple weeks back and it still hasn't been retrieved. I also tried emailing the address listed on the website and got a bounce back.
  16. troyad

    Tweed Fenders

    Is it just me or is it kind of amazing how quiet 50+ year old amps can be? I've been sitting here this evening playing my old strat through a 58 deluxe and a 56 tremolux and they're both quieter at idle than a lot of the newer stuff I've got. They also happen to sound great running together in...
  17. troyad

    1959 Bassman

    Anyone else keeping an eye on this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221078549059
  18. troyad

    I sort of accidentaly bought this....

    I feel like I'm coming out ok but thought I'd see what you guys thought. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251094673617#ht_548wt_1397
  19. troyad

    Moving Sidewalks

    Did BFG have pearly gates when he recorded Joe Blues? One of my top 2 or 3 Gibbons tones of all times. Also, anyone know who's talking in the background on the Joe Blues recording? And why does it sound like Hendrix?
  20. troyad