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  1. MikeSlub

    Thank you Andrew M.!

    Thank you for your donation to the Les Paul Forum! (y)
  2. MikeSlub

    Why a reverse panel on early Fenders

    And a white piggyback Fender amp (maybe a Tremolux, Bandmaster, or Bassman).
  3. MikeSlub

    Collings Acoustic Guitars Comparison

    Some big differences in sound. Great finger style playing! Thanks!
  4. MikeSlub

    Thank you Richard L.!

    Thank you for your donation! (y)
  5. MikeSlub

    1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500

    Yep - thanks. Also confirmed in the book on vintage Guilds I reviewed tonight that these humbuckers aren’t DeArmonds. They sound great!
  6. MikeSlub

    1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500

    Spruce top. Probably liked the sound better,
  7. MikeSlub

    1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500

    DeArmond made a lot of different Guild pickups, but I've not been able to find a reference that they made these particular humbuckers.
  8. MikeSlub

    1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500

    I posted on Facebook, but thought I'd add it here. 1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500. Excellent plus condition and came with original case and hang tags. Very unique guitar. Made in the Guild Hoboken NJ Plant back in the day. Guild was a more affordable, "working musician's guitar" company in...
  9. MikeSlub

    Thank you Rex C.!

    Thank you for your generous donation! (y):)
  10. MikeSlub

    Who makes an under 30W head that REALLY sounds like a Plexi!?

    I have a Marshall 2061X and it sounds like a Plexi. Haven't tried the SV20 but have heard good things about it. Of course, you need a good closed back cab with Celestions in it.
  11. MikeSlub

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    Tim, so glad you are enjoying her! She is still our masthead on the Forum! Merry Christmas back at 'ya! (y)
  12. MikeSlub

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    Not as big as everyone thinks about 1958 guitars. Actually, the necks are very similar medium profile on all 3 Bursts. The 1960 is an early '60 with all '59 features.
  13. MikeSlub

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    Nope. Sold the 4th one. Back to 3.
  14. MikeSlub

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    1958, 1959, 1960 under the tree.
  15. MikeSlub

    Vintage Red ES Guitars

    Neck is a nice size but not as fat as you might expect on a 1959. Yes to PAFs.
  16. MikeSlub

    Vintage Red ES Guitars

    Yes, this guitar originally had a Bigsby and it was changed to a stop bar many moons ago by previous owner, and the touch up of the holes is unfortunately bush league work.
  17. MikeSlub

    Vintage Red ES Guitars

    Vintage Gibson ES Model “Ladies in Red” out for a photo shoot today! 1959 ES-355 TDC, 1960 ES-330 TDC, 1961 ES-345 TDC, 1961 ES-335 TDC, 1963 ES-335 TDC, 1964 ES-335 TDC, 1965 Trini Lopez.
  18. MikeSlub

    Jimmy Page playing an ES 335

    As mentioned earlier, Clapton's red ES-335 was a 1964 model. :)
  19. MikeSlub

    Vintage Blonde ES Guitars

    Hi Werner, yes, this is the "first rack" ES-345, and the varitone ring is indeed black. Unfortunately that flood light was shining right on the ring!