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    9s or 10s on your Les Paul?

    I used 10s for almost 20 years, but then decided to switch to 8s and haven't switched back. I have steadily developed a light touch, so 8s sounds so much better to me as the higher frequencies come out more making my Paul more clear.
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    Boost pedals, which one do you play?

    I dig the Lightspeed, as I use mine to take my amp more into the edge of breakup territory in amp. But I've been using a Chase Bliss Condor as a boost. I like it because you can choose which frequencies to boost, add more volume and/or subtle gain on top to add sustain.
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    New Gibson calibrated t-type humbuckers, any thoughts?

    It's strange, I can hear the tone knob change the tone when the volume is at 10, but if it's below 8 in the volume, it sounds like the tone does nothing. 8-10 in both of the volumes just sounds like it turns on the pickups. I'd say 9.5-10 is where you can lower the output a little bit in the...
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    New Gibson calibrated t-type humbuckers, any thoughts?

    I also recently got an ES-335 with T-types, and I feel they are very bright pickups. I do personally like bright pickups, but the highs are alittle too spikey for me. And also, the way that the guitar is wired up, when turning the volume pots to 8, the drop off is so severe that it makes using...
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    What kind of wiring schematic is this?

    In the past year or so I had my neck pickup changed in my Les Paul, and was thinking whether or not the tech that did the replacement kept the 50's wiring on my guitar. So I decided to open up the pots/cap cavity to see, but to my surprise, it doesn't look like anything like I thought it would...
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    best small amp combo

    after some searching, it appears that i cannot find a better versatile small combo amp than the fender pro junior. while i think this amp is a good amp, i feel that i amp not knowledgeable about other amps in its size that are as good or better. does anyone have any recommendations? i play...
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    Fuzz Factory yay or nay?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy another type of light distortion/ hard overdrive type pedal.. so im pretty interested in the Zvex fuzz factory. Its demos show alot of cool sounds, but has anyone around here messed with one? I kinda am in the market for something very versitile to fit multiple...
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    The Cat woes!

    I'm in the middle between The Bad Cat Wild Cat and the Hot Cat 30R. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get or any other amp that is very versatile? price doesn't matter.
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    Which pickup?

    Hey guys, i was wondering which pickup currently made (custom or not) has the least 'coloring effect' on your guitar. like when you play your guitar unamplified, which pickup would pick up your natural guitar sound without altering it? thanks
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    lower the pickup resistance rating the brighter or darker?

    Hey guys i was thinking baout buying an Antiquity neck and a sethlover bridge in my les paul. I've read that the lower the rating, the brighter the pickup will be, so i was thinking getting a real low rating for the antiquity and a high one for the sethlover. i want my neck to be clear and still...
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    Pickups that are very responsive?

    hey guys, i was wondering which pickups are very responsive and dynamic to your touch; for example, the way you are plucking the note different ways with a pick, or finger picking, how it would sound as compared as you would normally play, etc. I was thinking about buying a antiquity for the...
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    The king of combo amps

    I was wondering what you guys think about what is the best combo. My personal favs (having played neither, but just fantastic specs, and based on word of mouth) is the vox ac30 and an orange ad30. what do you guys think are the best? and also, which one would you guys pick out of those two...
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    using pentatonic in jazz playing

    does anyone know when to use pentatonic to add some flavor when playing jazz? for example when playing a ii-V-I progression ie in the key of c, when im playing the Dm7 chord, i can use the F pentatonic and a C pentatonic as wel right (3 and 7 of that chord) and then use the 3 and 7 and even...
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    how about this pickup combination?

    hey guys, i was thinking about putting a seymour duncan antiquity in the neck and a seth lover in the bridge. what do you guys think about those two pickups together? i need the bite in the bridge and the clarity in the neck. anyone have any other recommendations?
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    Seymour Duncan Jazz Bridge position good?

    Hey guys, what are your opinions on the SD JB 4 pickup in the bridge position for pauls? I was wanting to orignally get an Wagner Dark Burst but they do not offer it in double white. How would the SH-4 compare t the darkburst, or any other SD would compare to those wagners?
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    Phasing itself out..

    I was thinking today about phasing out pickups, and i wasnt sure whether or not you could phase out one humbucker with itself; like getting the 2 coils to go against each other to make them phased out. what do you guys think about this? i personally would see why not because your just phasing...
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    Pick up woes!

    Im looking to buy a new bridge pickup because my BB5 isnt cutting it. it doesnt give enough boost and isnt cutting enough, my neck pickup (which is a BB5) is actually louder than it! My pickup replacement choices so far... the SH-14 SD and a Bill Lawrence l-490. what doyou guys think?
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    How do you twin?

    How in the world do you twin in leads? An example would be in those 80's songs or Leppelin where 2 guitars play the same solo but like different octaves, etc. I know you can play a lead in a different octave for twinning, but what is the other way to do it?
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    Whos the best tech in the Carolinas??

    So who is the best guitar tech I can take my guitar to in Charlotte, NC or in NC for a matter of fact. I want to do pots changing like push pulls, bone nut, etc. But I'm scared to take it some random joe who prob. doesnt know what the hell hes doing :wow.
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    What kinda pots?

    Hey guys, i wanted to put some push pull pots in my paul but i dont know what kind to get. I was thinking about ordering the Gibson push/pull 500k pots in MF but ive read these treads saying the best were CTS pots. Would it be the better idea to buy the CTS pots and if they are, where in the...