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  1. Leee

    Mesa Fillmore - any experience here?

    Since Gibson bought Mesa, I figured this is as good a place as any to start a thread on the recent Fillmore series of amps. Anyone here have any experience with them? Same as my Marshall JCM 800s, I have no use for a Fillmore 100 head. But I really, really, really want one.
  2. Leee

    Guild inspiration for a LP Custom

    Trying to figure out how to post pics here using my smart phone.… GRRRRRRR....... Anyway, I have owned many Guild guitars over the years. I picked up another Bluesbird at Austin Vintage back in December. Always liked these guitars, the chambering and what not. Les Paul-ish but still their own...
  3. Leee

    Neck shave, LP Custom

    I finally found a Custom that I love. Problem is, the neck is just a little thicker than I prefer. (I am a ‘60 slim taper guy all the way.) I’m not absolutely certain I need to shave the neck, but every time I play my beloved 335 or some of my other Les Pauls I keep thinking about how right...