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  1. joeh77

    New Amp - Carr Mercury V

    Love mine! Hope you're feeling the same.
  2. joeh77

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Nothing that would be worth really big money now, but I do miss my early 90's Marshall JTM 30. Just had that crunch without being crazy loud. I had a Music Man RD 50 that I traded in for the Marshall that would be nice to have back too.
  3. joeh77

    Clapton's amps through the years

    I bought a brand new MM 110 RD 50 in the '80's based on the back cover of the "Backless" album cover!
  4. joeh77

    Singlecut Brand Beer?

    I was grocery shopping today and looking through the "Local Brewery" section. As I looked I saw a brand under the "Singlecut" name. One of the offerings, an IPA, was "18-Watt IPA". As I looked the can over I noticed the logo was black lettering spelling out "Singlecut" with a red background that...
  5. joeh77

    Rory Gallagher’s Tele for sale!

    Just saw this on my Gbase twitter feed and thought I’d share. No connection to the seller. It will be very interesting to see who ends up with this guitar that was once owned be a rock and roll legend...
  6. joeh77

    SIMO in Hartford Last Night - PICS!

    I saw SIMO last night at a bar/restaurant, Arch Street Tavern, in Hartford last night. It was a somewhat short show, an hour total, at a intimate venue. Unfortunately, most of the folks at the bar where not there to see the band, but JD and the band put on a great show for those folks that came...
  7. joeh77

    ? About upcoming SIMO tour dates

    I just bought tickets to see SIMO this month at The Arch Street Tavern in CT towards the end of Feb. The venue is a bar/restaurant, so maybe not the norm for a SIMO show, but I have seen The Michael Landau Band at the same place, so I didn't thing twice about it. Anyway, there was a post of a JD...
  8. joeh77

    Good Ole' Fashioned Historic thread

    My first Historic, only a few weeks old, to me anyway! 2016 R9 in Iced Tea VOS. Joe
  9. joeh77

    True Historic 59 LP tailpiece

    Asked the same question about 10 months ago. For me the tape was chipping off the top, and it looked to me like the finish of my brand new guitar was flaking off. Thanks to the members here, I got some very calming information! Great looking guitar BTW! Joe
  10. joeh77

    NGD: 2016 CS 1959 Standard Historic VOS

    Here's an additional indoor photo I thought really showed off the top. Joe
  11. joeh77

    NGD: 2016 CS 1959 Standard Historic VOS

    I had been looking for a 1959 Standard Historic Reissue for a while. I wanted to play it first and I happened to see a local shop's FB post showing the recent acquisition of three CS instruments, including a 2016 CS 1959 Standard Reissue in Iced Tea VOS finish. I was able to go in yesterday play...
  12. joeh77

    Posting flickr photos

    I've never been able to post anything other than links to my flickr photos here, and on The Gear Page, in the past. Got a tip on how to do it, so I wanted to try it here: Top - 1 by hajducky, on Flickr My 2016 Les Paul Traditional Honey Burst Joe
  13. joeh77

    NGD: Week old 2016 Traditional with a finish issue

    I purchased my first Les Paul a week ago and I was very happy with everything about it. Until about 3 days ago. I went to put a strap on the guitar when I got a look at the area around the studs that the stop tail is anchored to. Unfortunately I found that both studs had areas where the finish...
  14. joeh77

    GC 20% off, but can't find my finish/model?

    Just saw the GC 20% off coupon through 12/17 and had been looking at a 2016 LP Traditional in Honey Burst. When I went on their site to check it out, the available finish options were only Desert Burst, Heritage Cherry, and Wine Red. Are they sold out in the other 3 finishes maybe? Joe