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    Anyone get a glimpse of these?

    This was posted on Facebook 2days ago. Taken from an instagram post. They look quite nice!
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    Gibson Artisan Flying V by Leo Scala

    Check out these babies! Only 3 made the black was $30000 https://www.gibson.com/en-US/Master-Artisan-Collection
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    Custom shop pricing being higher than originals

    Any idea why custom models of oroginal guitars are more expensive than original? For instance a replica 1974 LPC Randy Rhoads. Guy on the verb asking $24k. Brand new they were around $6-8k. Or a 68 reissue. Why would someone pay more for a replica than an original? It floors me people are this...
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    Possibly upcoming Tony Iommi Signature/Artist run Guitar coming soon

    This will be an exact copy of the monkey Guitar. The guitar that started it all wit Black Sabbath sans the Fender Strat. I was told Gibson is testing out A few things. Well probably see this come to fruition next Yr? I’m sure they’ll have custom and aged replicas. Just figured I’d pass this info...