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  1. Dilver

    Ding in top

    If you don’t have the proper tools, materials, time, skills and experience to fix this, leave it alone or you’ll make it worse.
  2. Dilver

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    Absolutely beautiful pair. I hope these guitars actually get played!
  3. Dilver

    What would we call this color burst?

    I don’t know… I think a lot has to do with the lighting and the photo. Here’s my 2017 Dirty Lemon. In some light it looks a lot like the OPs photo.
  4. Dilver

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hi Matt, Thanks for taking the time to do this! Lots of interesting information. Maybe you can settle once and for all what the story is with the 2017 Historics. Some say they were stockpiled 2016s, some say some of them were repurposed CCs, some say they were made to order from dealer...
  5. Dilver

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Mike F’ing Ness. The guys from Thin Lizzy have said in interviews that the Deluxes were all that were available to them - they wouldnt have played them if they had the choice. Mike Ness seeks out 70s Deluxes and has his tech out in Seymour Duncan P90s (I think they’re ceramic).
  6. Dilver

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    I’m pretty much in love with what a Wolfetone Meaner 90 does to a Les Paul Junior. I use a 250k tone pot and the the vocal tone I get with the tone on the guitar at about 6 is so thick I want to eat it with a spoon.
  7. Dilver

    P90 or Mini Humbuckers?

    P90s for sure. I grew up playing a Les Paul Deluxe with Mini humbuckers and they just never got the big Les Paul sound that a full sized humbucker does. P90s are awesome - lots of humbucker sized options. Start here: https://www.premierguitar.com/gear/humbucker-sized-p-90-review-roundup...
  8. Dilver

    Why is a post 2013 Historic better than earlier years?

    Different specs and materials… everything from the truss rod, neck tenon, glue, binding scrape, body carve, dye, plastics, Custombuckers, etc. seems like most of the big changes happened 2013 onwards. BUT… most of the Historics prior to that had better looking rosewood fretboards. Gibson...
  9. Dilver

    New member and new to LP

    Congrats! Looks like a keeper…
  10. Dilver

    NGD: 2021 Gibson Junior (Original Collection)

    Nice one! I love my Junior - so much so that I want another!
  11. Dilver

    Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr Single Cut Prototype

    I meant the production BJA Signature LP Juniors.
  12. Dilver

    Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr Single Cut Prototype

    Weird how it lacks the “step” in the cutaway... production models all seem to have it.
  13. Dilver

    LP Deluxe - Les' name is closer to the Gibson inlay.

    Here’s my 72 Deluxe for reference... pop the control cavity open and show us a pic of what’s inside.
  14. Dilver

    New 2018 Les Paul Junior

    Absolutely worth the $1,200 I paid for it and no comparison to juniors from recent years... more like an Historic in terms of specs and feel. A couple of mods took it from great to amazing (Wolfetone Meaner, Mojoaxe, RS pots, PIO cap). But still great right out of the box. Everyone said wait...
  15. Dilver

    WTB: Peter Florance Voodoo ‘59 neck pickup

    A3 mag. With or without cover
  16. Dilver

    Are PAF's supposed to be so mid-heavy?

    I'll start by saying I've never played a guitar with real PAF's... I recently installed a set of OX4 (A4, low wind, 7.45K neck 8.3K bridge). They sound great overall, but the bridge pickup has a pronounced upper mid push that I just couldn't dial out no matter how much I played with pickup...
  17. Dilver

    New R8 On it's way: Custombuckers or OX4 + Voodoo '59 or ReWind PAF-1?

    I've got a 2017 Custom Shop Les Paul Standard '58 on it's way and I'm already contemplating what mods I may need to make to it. I'm a player more than a collector, so as long as the mods are reversible, I'm okay with making it play/sound/look the way I want it. I'm trying to decide if I want...
  18. Dilver

    WTB: Pickguard for Gibson CS-336 or 356

    Surely there's someone who took theirs off or never installed theirs... Looking for black-white-black. Anyone?