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    Will I Devalue My 1999 Les Paul Classic If I...

    Sorry I don’t take future value into my guitar decisions, I do what I feel is best for me and the guitar since I don’t do a lot of selling… for me it would be an upgrade depending on the sellers choices, btw I swapped the originals in my classic to wrc crossroads and upgraded the pots and...
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    My 1957 Goldtop vrs 2001 R7

    I used a pre wired harness and pots for my r8, and was very impressed from rs guitarworks
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    Kinman Noiseless Strat pickups?

    Then you‘ll like the avn blues set, bridge pickup is outstanding
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    Kinman Noiseless Strat pickups?

    I have an avn blues set in my hacked up 58 strat, I like them a lot and have no plans to change them ive had them since maybe 94 ish, got them locally but a while back they stopped distrib in us dealers, theyre from Australia I believe you can still get them by mail they have what I would...
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    Gary Moore playing a red Gibson Firebird

    Van is mostly a horn player
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    Share your FUZZ tones please....!

    I just installed a Foxrox buffer into my rmc2 so I can use the wah first ;) works well
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    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    Back in the 80’s I got my first lp, used 78 tobacco burst standard. Being my first I had no clue but it was reasonable $450 with the plastic defender case that was one of the Norlen dogs, boat anchor heavy, fat neck, dull pickups and dead sounding unplugged. It just didn’t sound anything like I...
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    My Essential Guitars

    99 r8 58 strat 16 sg special townsend anniversary 18 Nash t-63 tele 17 es-330 vos 64 b-25 acoustic