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    any Warmoth players in here?

    My most recent Warmoth I put together (#37 or #38; not sure) was a bass a couple years ago. I needed something for recording that was a lot better than my drummer's Peavey. With a little help from Ken's private stash, I ended up with medium weight walnut body and an IRW neck. After nitro job on...
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    New Floyd for Les Pauls, SGs, Flying Vs, etc.

    No routing required for the bridge (and evidently the locking nut, but no pic of that). Kinda nifty... website
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    MGL #604

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    #284 gone already?

    It's already gone? Jeez, seems like it barely lasted a week. I was going to steer a buddy onto it this week and *poof* it's gone. You snooze you lose, I guess.
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    ES-175 w/full DJ makeover

    Would it sell?
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    pickguard bracket nut & screw

    The nut & screw that hold the pickguard to the bracket...anybody know what the correct specs are? Vintage or modern differences? EDIT: Nevermind...that Search button is amazing.
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    i played a 1986 Warmoth strat today

    Oh wait, I've played it every day since 1986. Nevermind. Hippie, pass the shrooms.
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    THE $6999.99 and below historic club...............

    had kind of a dumb idea.... how about a thread with no photos of the low dollar historics? pulled the 6999.99 figure out trioderob's arse - as it seemed like a good dividing point for him. so if you have a photo of any historic which sold for a confirmed price of 6999.99 or less - please...
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    Are these Shaw's??

    *edit* Mods, please delete. I found the answer.
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    Ceriatone now offers 2550 Jubilee kits

    Saw this on the other LP site. Kinda interesting...link
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    question for vintage korina connoisseurs

    Any of you ever heard of or seen a korina V or Exp. from the 50's with Les Paul appointments (trapezoids, binding, etc.)?? I just met an older gentleman at a local blues jam last night that claims he has one. I dunno. The '56 Tele he was using at the jam was definitely legit.
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    '73 Deluxe scenario

    I have an old college buddy who just picked up a '73 Deluxe w/orig. case locally for a song. Pics are not available, sorry. Anyway, this guitar had been routed in the past for humbuckers, and that's what's in it today. My buddy got this guitar because it was cheap and plays good. What he...
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    Bogner 101B's are down

    Have you seen the prices on used Ecstacys on the BB's and eBay? Good God, I may have to blow the dust off the old credit card.
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    black tolex Jubilee

    Got a local chance for a '88 2550 head (year after the silver) with chewy tolex. What do you think price-wise? edit: Let me re-phrase....is $750 a good price?
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    VHT SigX

    Anybody here have one? Mine's showing up Monday.
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    Seattle Vintage Guitar Show

    This coming Sunday. Anybody going? show
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    Tone Quest mag.

    How may folks here read this magazine? Is it any good? I'm thinking about getting a subscription.
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    this thread...just images, no words

    If there's words in the pic, that's ok. Don't be shy. I'll start it off....
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    What is the best beer you've ever had?

    for me...Bent River Uncommon Stout :yah