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  1. RJLII

    1957 TV Yellow Les Paul Custom - Limited Run of 60

    Pic or it didn’t happen….
  2. RJLII

    2007 or 2009 R9 VOS? Please advice

    I have two from ‘07, an R8 (see avatar) and an R6. Both are really good instruments.
  3. RJLII

    Regular Les Paul Custom vs Les Paul Custom Reissues

    I have an all hog ‘57 reissue from 2004. It sounds great. Not sharp and plinky like the maple cap versions.
  4. RJLII

    what do you think of weight-relieved Les Pauls

    I played a chambered R8 at Wildwood years ago. It was sub seven pounds as I recall. It sounded great and I would have been pleased to own it.
  5. RJLII

    Amps & Les Paul's - Which is a match made in heaven?

    This Vicky sounds righteous with my R6.
  6. RJLII

    Found a NOS/Unplayed 2001 R8 with insane flamed top. What color is this?

    I’ve heard this called butterscotch, amber, and antique natural. A quarter sawn top and tight flame is a big personal favorite of mine.
  7. RJLII

    '54 Les Paul Custom Question (Staple Pickup is VERY Dark)

    Did this ever get resolved? I’m a Staple/P90/Charlie Christian pickup fan and am curious what he root cause is.
  8. RJLII

    Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Strat vs. American Original '50s

    As I understand it there were two versions, USA and FCS. The USA stuff I've seen has gold hardware. The FSC reissues have nickel. The FCS versions are also claimed to be more period correct construction with respect to pickups, plastics, hardware, and neck carve. It has a one piece ash body and...
  9. RJLII

    Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Strat vs. American Original '50s

    I have a 2014 60th anniversary model. NOS Format. It’s the best Strat I’ve ever played and has a one piece body and a fat quartersawn neck. My only gripe is that the pickups are very low output.
  10. RJLII

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    Because I’m petty. I like fat mahogany necks with no volute.
  11. RJLII

    what is special about the 2007 R8 ?

    I have two 2007 Gibsons, an R6 and an R8. Both are quite exceptional.
  12. RJLII

    LP '50s Std., but in sunburst and w/ p-90s..

    Gibson did a small run of R6 Plaintops in 2007, Mine is Bourbon Burst aka Darkburst with a natural back. You might find one if you look around.
  13. RJLII

    R6 burst from 2007

    I’m told they only made a few of these. I’ve seen three. Anyone else with an R6 sunburst?
  14. RJLII

    Gotta love a good thinline

    I was on family vacation late week and didn't get to touch a guitar for 10 days except for road testing an R7 at Wildwood for a couple minutes. I finally got a chance to pull one out last night. Plugged straight in it's pretty inspiring.
  15. RJLII

    In praise of the R8 Plaintop

    I've been in Fender mode for the last week or so, and switched some things around last night. The 2007 R8 hadn't seen any attention for a while, so out she came. Every time this guitar comes out I can't help but thinking I stumbled on a real prize.
  16. RJLII


    With three Historic Les Pauls and a Fat Neck ES-335 in the stable, I thought I might like to paint with some different colors. I found a nice CS '54 reissue Strat that should do the trick. It's got a big fat neck that should help it feel right at home. Now the waiting game. C'mon Brown Truck......
  17. RJLII

    NAD - 1974X Sonic Goodness

    So I've always heard a Les Paul through a Marshall was the $hit. I always like my Pauls through Fender style amps (and still do), but I have an open mind. I scored a ThroBak Classic Combo 1X12 18 watt 1974X circuit and I get it now. My R8 and this amp are a match made in heaven. It sounds like...
  18. RJLII

    Replacing Kluson Tuner Buttons

    Greetings to all, I've seen where some Historic owners have swapped out the plastic keystone tuner buttons on their Klusons for a more "period correct" version that's a bit different in color. Stupid question.... How do you get them off the tuner shaft? Grovers are easy as they're held on...
  19. RJLII

    Low Wind Humbuckers in an LP Custom

    Anyone ever tried Low Wind Humbuckers (Lollar or similar) in an LP Custom? I've got an all mahogany '57 historic that sounds rather brash. The pickups ('57 classics) are super punchy with a huge and bright tone. Kind of like hitting a big bell with a hammer. It's so much so that I'm always...