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  1. Mr. Papa

    Will I Devalue My 1999 Les Paul Classic If I...

    Exactly. I have the original parts for my Classic in a baggie, and will put them back in if I ever decide to sell. But the stock pickups and wiring are just not my thing.
  2. Mr. Papa

    Is bridge collapse possible on a 1999 Classic?

    I put a new Faber on, problem solved.
  3. Mr. Papa

    DUMBLE or D Style amps

    My Zendrive pedal is pretty fun. Haven't made the leap to a D amp, but am kind of curious about the Ceriatone Tweedle Dee.
  4. Mr. Papa

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    There has been a handful (Emplexador, 5150-II, '78 JMP, Buddy Guy signature 5F6) but the one I miss the most is the Mission Amps Tweedy Deluxe 5E3 kit that was my first amp build. I have all the other amps I've built, but I let this one go in a weak moment and still regret it. It's still out...
  5. Mr. Papa

    My Bassman hates my Fuzz Face!

    I like the JHS hall reverb better than the spring verison.
  6. Mr. Papa

    Is bridge collapse possible on a 1999 Classic?

    This was helpful, thank you. This bridge is definitely sagging through the middle.
  7. Mr. Papa

    Is bridge collapse possible on a 1999 Classic?

    Pardon my ignorance if this has an obvious answer, but I am trying to set up a 1999 Classic and the middle two strings have more buzz than the outers, so I am having to set the action higher than I want. I am guessing that bridge collapse might be the issue, but I don't want to bark up the wrong...
  8. Mr. Papa

    Paul Reed Smith not only makes great guitars, I've heard lots of good things about their amps, too...

    Notwithstanding the odd OP, I have a PRS / Sewall Custom 50 and it's one of the best channel switching amps, ever. Blue channel is great Fender black panel clean with a really nice reverb. Red channel is Marshall's greatest hits starting with a JTM sound that reminds me of Brothers in Arms. I...
  9. Mr. Papa

    Neck tone 10 / bridge tone 3. Am I the only one?

    I often dial my neck volume down to 7-8 and my bridge tone down to the same to get good balance between the two pickups. My trick for the neck has been a mild treble bleed cap and replacing the tone control cap with a lower value, or replacing the tone control with a midrange control (anybody...
  10. Mr. Papa

    Western electric back in the tube game???

    awesome if they do it, and everyone needs to be realistic about how the cost of "good" tubes is going to go up. It's a premium product for a niche market.
  11. Mr. Papa

    Who makes an under 30W head that REALLY sounds like a Plexi!?

    Any love for the Budda Superdrive 18 or 30 for this purpose?
  12. Mr. Papa

    Need Advice for Replacing Seth Lover's

    For my use, series / parallel is way better than split coils, which I have no use for. DiMarzio PAF Pro or 36th Anniv Bridge might do what you are looking for.
  13. Mr. Papa

    Gibson Les Paul x Marshall SL5 Slash Signature Amp Demo/Sound

    It's great if you like the Jube tone, the demo might not do it full justice. I had one for a month and traded it, can't remember why. I remember it was big and heavy for a 5 watt amp, due to the closed back cab and the 12" speaker. It would make a great home studio amp.
  14. Mr. Papa

    How Do You Use EQ ?

    I use EQ as a boost with tube amps on the verge of distortion, it's my favorite version of an overdrive pedal. It's also good after a fuzz to sculpt the mids. Sometimes I use EQ on a clean tone to dial in low mids and dial out harsh upper mids. EQ is a great FX that is somehow often an...
  15. Mr. Papa

    Who makes an under 30W head that REALLY sounds like a Plexi!?

    Carr Hammerhead mk II sounds pretty good for this, EL34, “Class A”, I think it had a single tone knob plus a rotary knob for different cathode resistors on the preamp tube?
  16. Mr. Papa

    Need pickup advice for 71 Custom

    T-Top in the bridge, 490R in the neck. 490R sounds AWESOME in the neck of a Custom. (Don’t tell anybody.)
  17. Mr. Papa

    Opinions regarding BB1&2 pickups.

    BB1-BB3 is much more satisfying for me in LPs, and LPs are the only context where I would even try to use BBs. A lot of folks hate on the BBs, but others think they’re fine. 🤷🏼
  18. Mr. Papa

    Suggestions for a classic rock pedalboard?

    Expandora is a great pedal, I had and lost one that I miss. Rat is a good suggestion, I have a Tru-Fi Rat Pack that has three modes that all rock. Or find a vintage MXR Distortion+ or Boss Mega Distortion.
  19. Mr. Papa

    Wah Wah Pedal Recommendations

    You'll get a lot of suggestions. Throw Teese onto the pile, I've liked all of their models that I have tried. But a stock Vox reissue with Fasel will do a great job, too.
  20. Mr. Papa

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    Mick Ronson was the friggin' Dude.