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  1. bursty

    Book matched flame with mismatched annual ring - The Strange Maple Top

    I purchased a custom order flame maple top guitar many years ago and I kept it for 11 years before I sold it. It weighed in at 9 lb. - 8 oz. and the extra weight is why I finally sold it. If it would have weighed 1 pound less then I would still have it but the buyer loves it so, that makes me...
  2. bursty

    On the Fence

    I need another LP like I need a hole in my head but I located this one that has a 1 piece African hog (Khaya) body, a Brazilian 'board, and it weighs 8 lb. 11 oz. The price point IMO is a bargain and I love a nice Braz 'board on a Lester. Decisions, decisions ....... argh .....
  3. bursty

    NGD = hand made Korina Explorer replica arrives from Land of the Rising Sun

    I purchased a one off hand built Korina Explorer replica back on April 29. The guitar was sold with no hard case and no gig bag. :oops: I imported the guitar from Japan and the Explorer arrived today. The shipping box was packed full of Japanese newspaper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. To...
  4. bursty

    WTB Gibson Futura (original Explorer style) hard case

    Looking to purchase a good hard case that is made specifically for 1957 Gibson design patent 181, 865 aka the original Explorer design. Have looked high and low for a very long time; I know these are difficult to source. Just noticed that posting photos isn't an option here. (n)
  5. bursty

    What are the odds? - Korina Explorer Replica

    I recently purchased a hand made replica of a Korina (white Limba) lumber Explorer on April 29. I thought the guitar looked a bit strange as it has white kidney bean tuners, reflector knobs, and nickel hardware instead of gold. I located the below linked article from Guitar Player that is...
  6. bursty

    Question About 1968 Les Paul gold top Pickups

    When Gibson reissued the Les Paul in 1968, as a 'gold top' I thought the pickups were P-90s. Well, I was looking online & I see what is claimed to be a 1968 gold top with the mini-buckers. So, my question is, did Gibson make the 1968 Les Paul gold top reissue with only the P-90 pickups, or did...