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  1. markguitar

    Greg Martin - MGL50 Amp Demo

    Greg Martin checking out one of my MGL50 amp heads. His 1958 Burst plugged straight in thru a ‘70’s Marshall 4x12 cab.
  2. markguitar

    NEW MGL20 HG High Gain 20w Amp Head!

    MGL AmpWorks is excited to announce the release of the NEW MGL20 HG high gain amp head! It’s the new 20W little brother of the MGL50 HG with a 6V6 output section. But there’s nothing little about the tone and attitude this amp brings. Will easily cover higher gain sounds from the ‘80’s and right...
  3. markguitar

    NEW MGL AmpWorks Site Just Launched!!

    Just launched the new MGL AmpWorks website. All of the demo videos are also available to view right on the site. Please take a look! https://mglampworks.com/
  4. markguitar

    NEW MGL AmpWorks MGL50 High Gain Amp Release

    NEW MGL AmpWorks MGL50 high gain amp head just listed on my site. Amp is a tribute to the great modded Marshall tones of the '80's. Built all in-house. BUILD SPECS: .090" aluminum chassis w/ welded and ground corners *Custom wound power transformer and choke from Dagnall in the UK *Handwound...
  5. markguitar

    New MGL50 Amp in Birdseye Cab!!

    Just finished this MGL50 amp build for a good customer with a custom Birdseye maple head cab. Really came out stunning! And sounds as good as it looks. NOS Siemens EL34's.
  6. markguitar

    Another KILLER Brazilian R9!!

    Just in, 2018 Brazilian R9 in Lemonburst. 8 lbs 9 ounces, all details and more pictures on my site.
  7. markguitar

    MGL Lead Master 50 Amp

    MGL AmpWorks Lead Master 50 (MGL50). 50 watt master volume circuit amp that started off as a clone of my personal 2204 Marshall head that I’ve owned for the last 23 years. I’ve had many of these amps thru my store and this one is the best I’ve heard. Many of the ’79 – ’83 2204 amps have a lower...
  8. markguitar

    2018 Murphy Painted R9 w/ a STELLAR Top!!

    Just in, 2018 Murphy painted R9 w/ a real killer top! Will be listed on my site on Monday.
  9. markguitar

    1956 LP Custom Just In

    Nice 1956 LP Custom just in and now listed on my site. Nice and lightweight at 8 lbs 4 ounces, pro refret.
  10. markguitar

    2011 Iced Tea R9 at Great Holiday Price

    Just got this 2011 Iced Tea R9 in trade and looking to move it quickly at a fair Holiday price of $3600.00. Guitar is pretty much in new condition, subtle eastern maple top, 8 lbs 7 ounces, dark rosewood fingerboard. Email or call for more details.
  11. markguitar

    Stunning Wildwood Spec Brazilian R9!!

    Just in and will be up on my site sometime tomorrow. 2018 Wildwood spec Brazilian R9 in "Wildwood Burst", black Brazilian board. Email or call if interested.
  12. markguitar

    2013 1960 Catalog Burst, Killer Ribbon Top!

    1960 reissue that was used for the 2013 Gibson catalog. Iced Tea finish with a killer ribbon flame maple top. Just listed on my site.
  13. markguitar

    2018 Brazilian '59 w/ Great Looking Top & Burst!

    2018 Brazilian '59 reissue, great looking top and burst color, Slow Iced tea Fade. All details and complete listing on my site.
  14. markguitar

    KILLER Top 2018 Murphy Painted R9!!

    2018 Tom Murphy painted R9 with a Killer flame maple top that really looks like it's on fire! Full listing and details on my site (Item#409)
  15. markguitar

    Killer BG Pearly Gates Just In!!

    Just in from the original owner, BG058 VOS Pearly Gates now listed on my site. Killer looking and sounding guitar!!
  16. markguitar

    Killer BG Pearly Gates Just In!!

    Just in from the original owner, BG058 VOS Pearly Gates now listed on my site. Killer looking and sounding guitar. It's been played and has a few bumps and bruises.
  17. markguitar

    MGL50 Limited Run w/ Real Mustard Caps

    Now available, a limited run of MGL50 amp heads being built with all (NOS) real Mustard caps and include (NOS) RFT - Siemens EL34 power tubes!! These amps use the same components as the regular MGL50 including: 1w carbon film resistors, mil spec teflon wire, PEC 2w pots, in-house made turret...
  18. markguitar

    MGL20 Amp Sound Clips

    MGL20 sound clips recorded thru a 4-12" cab loaded w/ 25w Celestion Greenbacks, Les Paul w/ PAF's plugged straight in. No pedals, no added EQ. Amp settings: Presence-4, Bass-4, Middle-6, Treble-4, Master Volume-6, Preamp-8. On AC/DC clips Preamp was on 6.
  19. markguitar

    2018 Historic '59 Reissue

    Just got in my first 2018 Historic '59 reissue and it's now listed on my site. Here are a few pictures. More will be listed on my site once we get some sun around here again!
  20. markguitar

    2018 Historic R9 In-Hand Observations

    Just got in a 2018 Historic '59 Reissue and wanted to post my observations. All specs and parts look to be True Historic. Checked the pickguard spacing to be sure. As a Standard Historic guard will not fit a True Historic. The first thing I noticed right away pulling it out of the case is the...