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    How were factory installed Bigsby units grounded?

    I'm curious as to how grounding was accomplished on 1950's Bursts and Customs which had Bigsby units installed by the factory. If the guitar also had stopbar bushings installed by the factory, then I could see that they may have grounded to the treble-side bushing, but what about guitars that...

    2007 Gibson 58 Reissue Les Paul CR8 - Chambered (7.5 lbs)

    Up for grabs is a 2007 Gibson CR8 Chambered 58 Reissue with an Iced Tea finish. The Chambered Reissue models are limited run Custom Shop Les Pauls that constructed exactly the same as the regular Historic Reissue except that the mahogany slab has a routed pocket which both lightens the weight...

    1962 Vintage Gibson ES-330TD - Sunburst Finish - Excellent Condition

    1962 Gibson ES-330 TD . This guitar is in excellent condition for a 57 year old guitar. - The original finish does not show any checking at all. - Featherlight at 5.8 lbs. - The frets are in excellent condition and the action is set low with no buzzing. - The neck thickness measures .827"...

    Latch for Gen 1 Gibson Chainsaw case, OXB nickel humbucker covers, Duncan JB Junior

    I'm doing some house cleaning and clearing out extra stuff that I'm not using. All prices are shipped within the US. PM, or contact Dan at dynasonic@msn.com Brand new latch for a 1970's Gibson Gen 1 "Chainsaw" hardcase - I needed one to replace a broken latch on a case years ago and I bought...

    OMG! My 'Burst has faded noticeably : 0

    The colors were very brilliant when I acquired it just a few years ago... Sorry, I couldn't resist a bit of April foolishness :spabout

    1960 Single-cut Melody Maker, early 1960 with 1959 features

    Up for grabs is an early 1960 single-cutaway Melody Maker . This is an early 1960 model with the the wide pickup and a thicker 1959 profile neck. I also have a 1959 Melody Maker (not for sale), and the neck profiles between these two guitars are virtually identical. The neck is straight, truss...

    2014 Custom Shop R8 '58 Reissue Les Paul

    2014 Bourbon Burst '58 Reissue. Lightweight at 8.35 lbs. Custombucker pickups. No fret wear. All original except for the MojoAxe pickguard currently installed (original included). Lifton case and all case candy included. $3550 Shipped within the lower 48. No trades, no international sales.

    Gibson Protector Hardcase - Generation 1

    Gibson Protector Generation I "Chainsaw" case. Good condition. Fits either a Les Paul or an SG. All latches work. No funky smells. SOLD * guitars not included

    2005 Murphy-aged 1959 Reissue, 8.2 lbs

    Up for sale is a 2005 Murphy-aged R9 in a Tobacco finish with a beautifully figured top. This '59 Reissue is featherlight at 8.2 lbs and it sounds as goods as it looks. This is one guitar that I thought I would never sell, but I have a little more money tied up in guitars than I'd like to so...

    An alternative to potting humbucker pickup covers

    I've never potted a set of pickups with wax because it looks like a mess that can't easily been undone. The method I've always used to prevent a pickup from squealing when attaching a cover is to apply a strip of scotch tape across the top of the slug bobbin, apply a bead of silicone caulk...

    John Lennon Junior, Chuck Berry, and a 'Burst

    Here's a video with Lennon's SC Junior with the Charlie Christian pickup before it was stripped and refinished. The player in the back has a sunburst Les Paul with what appears to be narrow binding in the cutaway. Anybody know who it it might be playing it? When Lennon gets his turn at a...

    NGD: 2007 CR8 - Are we certain that Gibson never uses BRW anymore? :)

    Back in 2007 I bought a new Chambered '58 Reissue from Wildwood and I've always regarded it as my favorite Les Paul. So much so that even though its top is rather boring looking compared to a couple of other reissues I have, its the guitar that decided was the best candidate for an HM makeover...

    2005 Murphy Aged R9 1959 Reissue - Killer Top!

    This 2005 R9 is one of the most realistic looking Murphy-aged Les Pauls I've seen. The checking is beautiful done and it just looks like the real deal. The guitar plays beautifully and it sounds as good as it looks. Here are a few details: * Weighs in at 8 lbs 14 oz * Comfortable neck...

    NGD: 2014 HM RDS R8

    Well here's something that I didn't have plans on buying, but when I saw it posted for sale on Kim's website I couldn't help myself from pulling the trigger. This is a 2014 R8 that Kim acquired, gave it the full RDS treatment (BRW, '59 neck carve, top carve, aging, etc), and then offered it up...

    The CS Standards aren't much of a hit (no surprise)

    I haven't seen a single NGD for a CS Standard and Wildwood seems to have the same inventory that they had at the start. I doubt that many (if any) have sold. My guess is that these will be almost unsalable until the leftover inventory of 2014 Historic models as well as earlier used Historics...

    Are there any original Flying V or Explorer owners out there? (pickguard question)

    I need to know the thickness specs of the 4-ply WBWB laminate as used on the original Flying Vs and Explorers. The pickguards on most of these guitars were made with the white side out and although they appear to be 3-ply WBW in photos, I know that they are in fact made of a 4-ply WBWB...

    Haters of the SG sideways vibrola...check this out :)

    When I acquired my 1961 SG Standard, the sideways vibrola (which is rickety to begin with) had been further compromised by having the original heavy-duty die springs replaced some random springs made from a small wire diameter. As if the sideways vibrato units aren't bad enough already, this...

    Guid X-79

    This guitar is not remotely close to what I normally like in a guitar, but somehow I find it to be very cool. http://www.ebay.com/itm/extremely-RARE-1982-Guild-X-79-original-PINK-YELLOW-/371149378649?pt=Guitar&hash=item566a3a1459

    Does Gibson make different P90 pups or are they all the same?

    I've never seen Gibson P90s identified with different model designations as humbuckers are. Other than the difference between a neck wind and a bridge wind is there a difference between the P90s in a Historic vs lets say a Tribute?

    Microphonic feedback from vintage P90s - Is there any cure?

    The original pups that were in my '52 goldtop sound fantastic clean or with moderate gain, but with high gain they are very prone to squealing. I wanted to gig with the guitar and so last year I pulled them out and replaced them with a pair of Throbak P90s which sound great, however I'd really...