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  1. Ed Driscoll

    2021 Arlington Guitar Show Recap Video

    Quick video I shot at the 2021 Arlington Guitar Show, aka "Guitarlington:" If you were there as well, let me know! Sorry I missed you.
  2. Ed Driscoll


    This arrived from Sweetwater yesterday: Back in 2019, I bought a Nashville-Tuned Taylor GS Mini from Sweetwater. After recording it on numerous tracks, I thought it would be great to have a Nashville-Tuned electric guitar as well. Last year, I bought a Lake Placid Blue Fender Squier...
  3. Ed Driscoll

    NGD: 2003 Music Machine Stinger-Series Gibson Hummingbird

    When I went to the Dallas Guitar Show at the start of the month, I knew I wanted to buy a Gibson Hummingbird. If Gibson had been there, with their usual trailer full of instruments, I would have likely bought one of their new reissues of the 1960 Hummingbird. But they, and Fender, were no-shows...
  4. Ed Driscoll

    The Dallas Guitar Show Is On: April 30-May 2nd

    I suspect this may be much more of a local event, since many people have not been vaccinated yet, and even those who are may have still have fears about getting the ‘Rona. But is anyone here planning on going?
  5. Ed Driscoll

    Deconstructing Led Zeppelin's Ramble On (Isolated Tracks)

    (Though it appears some of the harmony electric guitar parts are missing.) And two from Rick Beato analyzing "Ramble On:"
  6. Ed Driscoll

    RIP Eddie Van Halen, 65

    Eddie Van Halen, rock guitar god, dead of throat cancer at 65.
  7. Ed Driscoll

    New Song: Love Can Turn the Page

    This was a tune I wrote and recorded in late November and early December, and mixed down last weekend, built around a bunch of guitars: https://soundcloud.com/eddriscollcom/love-can-turn Electric on left channel is a 1983 Fender ’57 Strat reissue. Electric on right channel is the 2000 Les...
  8. Ed Driscoll

    New Song: “Starting From Zero”

    https://soundcloud.com/eddriscollcom/starting-from-zero This was a song I wrote in 2018, and started to dust-off a couple of weeks ago, because I wanted to hear how the DIed guitar solo would sound with a couple of pieces of gear I acquired after I recorded it. As I was working on the tune...
  9. Ed Driscoll

    And You Think It's Difficult Authenticating Old Les Pauls

    National Geographic: 'Dead Sea Scrolls' at DC's Museum of the Bible are all forgeries. Probably should have checked the inlays and the chew marks in the control cavity first...
  10. Ed Driscoll

    New Song: “The Rains Falls Hardest At Night”

    https://soundcloud.com/eddriscollcom/rain-falls-hardest This was a tune I wrote to explore the Eventide H9000’s Edge/Gilmour-style DDL patches. The rhythm guitar is my 1998 Fender Nashville Telecaster through a Radial J-48 DI box (powered by a Rolls Phantom Power box, as the H9000 doesn’t have...
  11. Ed Driscoll

    This Guitar Needs More Pickups

    And a Kahler on the 12-string neck. And then it would perfect. :hee
  12. Ed Driscoll

    RIP: The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek found dead in Manhattan townhouse

    The Cars were a staple on FM radio in the 1980s (and on my car's cassette player back then). I'm shocked by this news.
  13. Ed Driscoll

    NGD: Nashville Tuned Taylor GS Mini Acoustic

    Here are a couple of photos I took earlier tonight on my iPhone of the new Taylor with its big brother, a 2007 Gibson Everly Brothers Acoustic, plus a photo from Sweetwater of the Taylor's back: Here's the background story on the guitar and its tuning. After I built my project studio...
  14. Ed Driscoll

    Purl Jam: Finland hosts heavy metal knitting championship.

    Purl Jam: Finland hosts heavy metal knitting championship. And sumo wrestlers and kabuki performers – there’s something for everybody! :yah :hee
  15. Ed Driscoll

    New Song: "Hitchcock Blonde"

    https://soundcloud.com/eddriscollcom/hitchcock-blonde-6-19-19 Hi all, This was a song I originally recorded in May of 2007 while still living in California. The drums are a bunch of Sony Acid Loops (mostly from the Drum Tools CD-ROM). The rhythm guitar is my Fender Roland-Ready Strat and the...
  16. Ed Driscoll

    Asking the Important Questions: Can Guitar Paint Affect Your Tone?

    But of course -- isn't this the very basis of "'Burst Tone?"
  17. Ed Driscoll

    Merry Christmas to Everyone in the Fender Pub!

    Thanks all for sharing lots of great photos and info of your Fenders. I know I've learned a lot and gotten plenty of enjoyment out of this section of the LPF over the years. These were apparently given to Fender dealers in 1998; I had seen them on eBay for ages, and finally bought one, to go...
  18. Ed Driscoll

    Former NASA engineer designs glitter bomb trap to avenge Amazon delivery theft victim

    It's Death Wish, starring Howard Wolowitz: “Revenge is a dish best served fabulously,” he tweets.
  19. Ed Driscoll

    A Guitarist's Guide To London w/ Andy Martin & Dan Steinhardt (Video)

    Fun walking tour of great British music shops, clubs -- and the restoration of Jimi Hendrix's apartment(!) -- from Andy Martin of Reverb.com, and Dan of That Pedal Show: So London-area LPF members, how'd they do? What did they miss?