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  1. GotTheSilver

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    Lately, I have been lusting for a 1959 Reissue ES-355 in ebony, stop tail. Of course, there are none locally that I can try out. Has anyone got recent experience with these guitars (2020/2021 models)? Most importantly, how do they sound? How is the neck? Would it be similar to the neck on...
  2. GotTheSilver

    You can all stop buying historic Les Pauls now...

    … because I just bought the best one ever made!!! :hee (Sorry for the long post, but I hope you enjoy reading it!) I have been going through a pretty tough life situation for the last 8 months. It’s not over yet, but the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter every day...
  3. GotTheSilver

    Bare Knuckle Riff Raff vs. Throbak SLE 101 Plus

    I have a guitar that sounds great in the high end, but could use a little help in the mids. I currently have a Throbak SLE 101 Plus in the bridge. I want to give the mids a boost without losing the nice sparkly high end I currently have. I have really been liking the Bare Knuckle Riff Raffs I...
  4. GotTheSilver

    NAD - Rockitt Retro 50W 1987 Replica

    Hey, all! I picked this amp up recently - a 50 watt 1987 replica by Rockitt Retro, made to 1968 specs. This amp is awesome!!! This is my first plexi replica. All of the classic tones that I have tried for years to get through pedals and lower watt Marshall-esque amps just fly out of this...
  5. GotTheSilver

    New Bartlett Retrospec on order!!!

    Hey, all! I just sent a deposit off to Tom Barlett for a Retrospec and am really excited! I've heard only great things about him as a builder. I heard about him a couple of years ago for his LP replicas. I thought long and hard about ordering one, but in the end decided I didn't want a...
  6. GotTheSilver

    1x12 or 2x12 cab recommendations

    I've always bought combo amps, but have been thinking about getting either a 1x12 or 2x12 cab and starting to buy amp heads. Any suggestions for good cabs? I am going for a vintage Marshall vibe, either plexi era or mid/late '70s JMP era. Would likely use Greenbacks or Vintage 30s. I see...
  7. GotTheSilver

    Summer NAMM 2017 - Gibson Custom info?

    Today is the first day of Summer NAMM. Anyone going? Any chance of getting any info on what is going on with the Gibson Custom Shop? I was speaking with a local guitar store owner last weekend who seemed to be completely bewildered by what is going on at Gibson these days. He said he was...
  8. GotTheSilver

    What amp is this?

    This video was posted in the vintage LP forum a few months ago as an example of great burst tone. I absolutely agree! I know it is a burst, but what about the other end of the equation - the amp? 1. What amp do you think he is using here? How would you set the controls of that amp to get...
  9. GotTheSilver

    Gibson Memphis ES-335 Reissue

    For sale is my 2006 Gibson Memphis ES-335 in triburst finish. The guitar is all original, with the original pickups which are '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus, I believe. The body is nicely flamed, front and back. The pictures overemphasize the contrast between the colors. The transition...
  10. GotTheSilver

    2013 Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard Reissue

    PRICE REDUCED TO $2,550 SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL US! Up for sale is my 2013 Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard Reissue in cherry red. This guitar is in near mint condition. It hasn't been played very much. I am really more for an ES-335 and Les Paul guy. I bought this guitar more out of...
  11. GotTheSilver

    Where to get a sheet of cellulose nitrate?

    I am building a guitar and want it to have small block inlays like a 335. I can't find any pre-cut inlays online. Where can I get a sheet of cellulose nitrate so I can cut the inlays myself?
  12. GotTheSilver

    1956 Fender Tweed Deluxe impedance

    I have a 1956 Fender Deluxe, 5E3 circuit. What is the impedance of this amp? I have tried Googling it, but get conflicting info. Thanks
  13. GotTheSilver

    How much discount for broken headstock on ES-3X5?

    How much would you take off of the price of a vintage (1958-1964) ES-3X5 for a well repaired headstock break? Assume everything else is original and in good (not excellent) condition. Those who have bought vintage 3X5s with a repaired headstock, have you ever regretted it?
  14. GotTheSilver

    How long does aniline dye fade for?

    Hey all. This is something I have wondered about for a long time. I suppose I could have put this question in either the vintage or the historic forum. We all know the aniline dyes fade with exposure to sunlight, and the red disappears. But it seems like this only happens for a limited...
  15. GotTheSilver

    Les Paul Jr neck for build project

    Hey all, I have decided I want to build my first guitar. At the Arlington Guitar Show last Fall, I bought a raw LP Jr body from Larry Robinson at Clearfork Designs. I had seen him at shows many times, but only with Fender style bodies. He said he had just started making the LP Jr bodies, and...
  16. GotTheSilver

    What happened to my vintage Marshall!?!?!?!

    A few months ago, I bought what I called on this forum my dream amp - a 1981 Marshall JMP 2104, the 2x12 combo version of the 2204 50 watter. This thing sounds fantastic and I absolutely love it! But then comes the problem. A few days ago, I was rocking out on the amp with some good...
  17. GotTheSilver

    NVAD - Marshall 2104 combo

    Hey all! I got this amp recently. It is a 1981 Marshall JMP 2104 50 watt combo! Vertical inputs! I love this thing! For years, I have tried various amps and pedals trying to get the sound I want. With this thing, I just plug in my Les Paul and there it is! Sounds great! This thing rocks...
  18. GotTheSilver

    Question about Max Les Paul Replicas

    This is just a question out of pure curiosity. I see Max LP replicas listed for sale on the internet for some pretty lofty prices. Rumble Seat Music has two at $27.5k each. There is one on Reverb with an asking price of $45k. I have never played a Max LP. For those that have experience with...
  19. GotTheSilver

    So was NAMM 2016 a non-event for Gibson Custom???

    I always look forward to seeing what new things we can expect from Gibson in the coming year when NAMM hits. This year, I heard about new offerings from Gibson Memphis and Gibson Acoustic. I didn't hear anything about Gibson Custom. I expected to hear about new CC and Artist models that we...
  20. GotTheSilver

    NVAD - 1956 Fender Tweed Deluxe!!!!!!

    Hey guys, I got this amp a few months ago, and am just now posting about it. It is a 1956 Fender Deluxe in really good condition. It is my first vintage amp. I have always been very hesitant to buy a vintage amp because I don't know anything about electronics and did not want the hassles of...