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  1. TommyTouch

    Historic Makeovers Standard

    Has anyone here had the Historic Makeover Standard process (not the full RDS process) done on their Les Paul and how do you like it? Are you happy or do you wish you went for the full Real Deal?
  2. TommyTouch

    Sears&Roebuck Rocket

    My Step Father bought this for me at the Pawn Shop in 1961. These Guitars seem to having a resurgence in popularity. I call it the "Brian Jones model". The pickguard disappeared while I was gone in the Army.
  3. TommyTouch

    Long Scale Les Paul

    I saw a new "long scale" Les Paul. 25 1/2" scale. It looks interesting. Has anyone here tried one? Split parallelogram inlays look cool. What do you think?
  4. TommyTouch

    How many colors

    How many different colors of "Burst" Les Pauls has Gibson produced? I'll name few of the obvious.... Heritage Cherry, Washed Cherry, Iced Tea, Faded Tobacco, Dark Burst, Honey Burst, Lemon Burst, 'Un Burst, Bourbon Burst, Kentucky Bourbon Burst, Sunrise Tea, Tangerine, Dirty Lemon, Iguana...
  5. TommyTouch

    Is your Les Paul female?

    A number of us refer to our Les Paul as female, like a ship. There are quotes like "She has tone for days", "I can't wait to bring her home". I have no problem with that, I would just like to hear some explainations of why your Les Paul is female.
  6. TommyTouch

    "Les Paul Guy"

    When you show up at a gig with your Les Paul (be it a Standard, Historic reissue) do you feel somehow compelled, or maybe expected to play like the Burstslingers of the glorious past. I realize the Les Paul is versatile and I use mine for blues, rock, and other genre of music. I have even heard...
  7. TommyTouch

    My Wannabeano

    Just for fun, I am posting a picture of my '06 GO CA. I think it looks a lot like the Eric Clapton "Beano" Les Paul. It has the slim taper neck, no grovers, and regular Burstbuckers. It is my wannabeano. I hope you enjoy the picture.
  8. TommyTouch

    339 Qs

    I would love to hear your thoughts, observations, likes, dislikes, etc, of the 339. It looks like a cool guitar, there is a lot I like about the 339. I have played some in the stores. Please enlighten me with your experience on the 339. Thanks in advance.
  9. TommyTouch

    Norlin Custom W/Mods

  10. TommyTouch

    My Les Paul this morning.

    I was playing my Les Paul in the backyard this morning and took this pic. I love looking at pics of your Les Pauls, so... Keep the pics coming. Play on.
  11. TommyTouch

    Is it Brazilian?

    I know some 2003 R9s came with Brazilian fingerboards. How can I tell? The particular guitar in question is an R9 from 2003 #9 31487.
  12. TommyTouch

    '09 'R9 Qs

    Is the 2009 R9 going to be as close as one can get to the 1959 Les Paul? Think of how many Les Pauls have been bought trying to get one as close to a "59 as possible. It is a "Golden Goose" for Gibson. Will the 50th aniversary be the one to have if one doesn't have an actual '59 Les Paul...
  13. TommyTouch

    Who, When and Where?

    Who was the first person you saw playing a Les Paul guitar in a live performance? When and where was it? Also, how did the experience affect you? If this matter has been discussed in the past, please, lets do it again. I'll start. Van Morrison and Them, 1965, Seattle, Washington. The show...
  14. TommyTouch

    G0 with flame

    Check out this G0 with subtle flame. It's an '06 model. Burstbuckers sound great through a Marshall. Love the '60s neck too.
  15. TommyTouch

    '02 R8

    I just wanted to share a beautiful photo with you. My '02 R8 when it was brand new. It is being relic'd the old fashioned way. I'll take new pictures when I get a new camera.
  16. TommyTouch

    '02 R8

  17. TommyTouch

    GO Pic

  18. TommyTouch

    GO Pic

  19. TommyTouch

    G0 Pic