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  1. OLIE J

    My new R8 arrived today.

    2003 R8 in faded tabacco. I love the color and the top has some nice grain that was not visible in the Wildwood pictures. The Brazilian (stump wood ;) ) board is beautiful. Dark brown with almost black streaks running down it. The neck shape feels real close to my '02 R7. This guitar has a...
  2. OLIE J

    New '03 R8 is on its way!

    I've been waiting, watching, and lusting for an R8 long enough. Now my '02 R7 is going to have some competition. http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/historic/lp/58/gb_lpr_83140/gb_lpr_83140.html
  3. OLIE J

    Peavey Classic 50. 212 vs 410

    For some reason I'm thinking I want one of these. Does anyone have any experience with these amps. Or just in general, which speaker configuration, two 12s or four 10s, works better with humbucker equiped guitars. All of my current amps have 12" speakers.
  4. OLIE J

    '03 R8s at Wildwood

    Wildwood posted a couple of new 03 R8s on their site today.
  5. OLIE J

    '57 Goldtop arrived today.

    It exceeds my expectations. Steve at Wildwood told me that this was a good one. Buying sight unseen, I tend to worry about things such as string alignment, the shade of finish and grain on the back, small flaws in the finish etc. Well, this guitar is as near perfect as any guitar I own and...