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  1. Dave Paetow

    Yo TW!

    Tom, Got 'it' yesterday, and you have yourself a great holiday season, too! :dude :2zone :wail Maybe I will see you in Dallas, see how things pan out.
  2. Dave Paetow

    National 1155 (Gibson J45)

    When was the last time you saw one of these? It's a 1958 National 1155 acoustic that used a Gibson J45 body. Gibson sold National bodies for a few years and National put their own necks and bridges on them. So basically it is a poor mans '50's J45. The body marking indicate it was made in 1957...
  3. Dave Paetow

    Another plug for Mark Bishop

    :yay I've dealt with Mark Bishop on numerous occasions and every time it has been a pleasure. Just got my repaired amp back from Mark, and again it was a great experience. Couldn't ask for anything more. :) Mark is one of the true stand-up guys in the biz! :wail
  4. Dave Paetow

    Yo TW

    The guy on the left looks familiar, do you know who he is? ;)
  5. Dave Paetow

    Looking for an Orville or Burny LP copy?

    A FYI for anyone looking for one (I have no affiliation with this guy, just happened onto his shop by accident when passing thru the area). This may be old news to some here, but this guy has a ton of old Burny and Orville LP copies for sale: Mark's Guitar Shop 918 W. Garland Spokane WA...
  6. Dave Paetow


    Saw this in the local auto shopper today. Maybe I should put my '65 Beetle up for sale... LOL
  7. Dave Paetow

    Ibanez pedal appreciation thread

    Since someone mentioned Ibanez pedals in the MXR thread, figured it may be a good topic! I remember someone posted a pretty sick collection of 808's a while back. Here are the Ibanez pedals I still have left (I used to have a lot more if you can believe it). :wail
  8. Dave Paetow

    Who here loves bicycling?

    I've turned back into a bicycling nut. I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. I had to stop bicycling in 1996 because of my bad shoulders and arthritis in my hip. Now with glucosomine my arthritis is under control and my dual suspension bike soaks the bumps that used to hurt my shoulders. Now I...
  9. Dave Paetow

    Apology to the forum members

    I have to offer an apology to all the forum members for my recent actions. I made some negative comments about the LPF in another forum and it has created hardship between Lily and I. I also used an alias to make some snide and hurtful comments about a forum member I had a falling out with, as...
  10. Dave Paetow

    Bizarre old car!

    Drivin' down Hwy 55 today and saw this thing. Luckily I had my camera along to snap a couple quick pix. I looks like it is based on an early '60's Corvair wagon, either highly modified or some wierd concept car thing, I have no idea. Note the steering wheel in the middle of the dash!
  11. Dave Paetow

    OH NO, not another political thread!

    I was listening to a talk radio station yesterday, and the had a poll that said 65% of Americans already have their mind made up about who they are voting for. How many of you have already decided? I've already had my mind made up for a while as well. I am not a fan of either one of the...
  12. Dave Paetow


    Driving down the Ol' Mississip today and saw a couple big Steamboats. Mississippi Queen MQ squeaking under the I-90 bridge (river is pretty high right now) Delta Queen docked in Red Wing
  13. Dave Paetow

    Orange Rockerverb 50

    Anyone try one of these yet? Has a 4 x 6V6 power section. I tried one out and was really impressed, I thought it was a great sounding amp (for me). Nice cleans from the clean channel, and the lead channel had a beefy, thick overdrive with a ton of gain. Overdrive sounded great with a Strat...
  14. Dave Paetow

    12ax7 shootouts

    Didn't someone post a long shootout here with different 12ax7's? I can't find it for the life of me. Who makes the best sounding new production 12ax7 these days? I've tried EI, Sovtek WA, WB, WXT and LPS, Chinese, and none of them did much for me. I like old Telefunkens and Mullards, but they...
  15. Dave Paetow

    EL34 high plate voltage options?

    I need some new EL34's for an amp that runs 575 volts on the plates. I heard that will nuke Seimens, what are my options? I can't afford NOS Mullards! Will the Winged C or JJ E34L hold up?
  16. Dave Paetow

    Need quick bias question answered

    I have a 2xEL34 amp, apx 50-60 watts, 515 volts on the plates, what should I set the bias to with my bias probe? I was guessing around -30 or so, but one of you guys must know.
  17. Dave Paetow

    Good way to remove capacitor jizz off a PCB?

    I have an amp that has been sitting for a few years when the big electrolytics blew up inside the amp and covered the board with cap jizz. What would work good to remove this stuff? I got some of it off with alcohol, but there is still some on the board. (The amp still works after I replaced the...
  18. Dave Paetow

    Bedrock 1200

    Anyone remember these amps? I used to have a 1200 in the '90's, it was a great sounding amp. I have a dead one that I am going to have fixed. The early ones were PTP wired with turret lugs on a epoxy board. Some of the prices they go for seem like a bargain.
  19. Dave Paetow

    Pedal alert: V-Stack pedal!

    Nobody here has said much about this unit here on the LPF, but I had been reading rave reviews of this pedal over on the Gear Page. To be honest I was kind of leery of all the hype, but a friend kept telling me it was the real deal and has used it for recording with great results, so I finally...
  20. Dave Paetow

    Jimmy Page Signature LP pix!

    Brain fart syndrome, sorry.