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  1. blewsbreaker

    NVGD - Minty 62' SG LP

    Well, the original plan was to find a SG "gigging" guitar to take out and play instead of my goldtop for obvious reasons... But then I found this one... What's a Gas-alcoholic to do??? :dang The untouched PAF's sound sublime and the neck is meatier than most SG's I've played. The...
  2. blewsbreaker

    Not a Bluesbreaker at Rumble Seat

    I thought these guys knew better.... http://www.rumbleseatmusic.com/amps/?division=carmel
  3. blewsbreaker

    1958 Goldtop

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/1958-Gibson-Les-Paul-Goldtop-Standard-with-brown-case-/331571970145?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d333ac061 Hmmm, what's with the white goo in the neck tendon? Anybody know this guitar?
  4. blewsbreaker

    Billy F Gibbon’s isolated guitar parts in ZZ Top’s “La Grange”

    This is really interesting... The track most of us probably always thought was "Pearly" was a 55' hard tail strat... The second solo is different than the record but just as cool. Billy might have laid down a few solos and then comp'd them to make one...
  5. blewsbreaker

    I'm No Charlie D, but I Tried.... My 1957 Goldtop.

    Lovely day here today...tired to capture the beauty of the gold. Enjoy.
  6. blewsbreaker

    1958 Gibson Ga-70 Country Western - Mint

    Doesn't get much cooler or cleaner than this...Same tone stack as the AC-30 top boost. This one came first. $4250.00. Email for additional pics or questions. bob4bib@dslextreme.com
  7. blewsbreaker

    Nice Burst' Tone - The Beast

  8. blewsbreaker

    Mastering Studio Inventory

    Custom Neve Eq's....check, Sontec 430B's....check, My 1957 Goldtop Darkback....check.
  9. blewsbreaker

    The Look, 1979 with a nice burst

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8TfF5dGh1g Some great tone and a nice 58'(?) to boot.
  10. blewsbreaker

    Eric Johnson's Burst on Ebay?

  11. blewsbreaker

    Burst' by Roger Giffin

    Roger made this for me in 93', in the long gone Gibson Custom Shop West and shot by Tom Murphy. I told Tom to shoot it like the Brock Burst, but it's fading a bit now and I kinda like it. :salude
  12. blewsbreaker

    Bee Gees with a Burst'???

    Never saw this before....Forgive me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml4FlFoLalY&mode=related&search=
  13. blewsbreaker

    Is this a real long PAF magnet?

    Is this the real deal? Forgive me if I don't want to take apart one of my PAF's from my 60' 345 to compare....
  14. blewsbreaker

    1965 18watt 2-12 and Lester (link works!)

    This should do the trick... Thanks to ROCK ON. :dude http://www.18watt.com/files/mississippi.mp3 http://www.18watt.com/files/tattoo.mp3 http://www.18watt.com/files/she_s_just_killin.mp3 http://www.18watt.com/files/just_got_paid.mp3 http://www.18watt.com/files/all_your_love.mp3
  15. blewsbreaker

    1965 18watt 2-12 and Les Paul

    Here's a few clips recorded in the bedroom..les paul and marshall 18watt
  16. blewsbreaker

    My lunch with Eric Clapton

    Hi guys, just want to share my experence with meeting a guitar “legend”.... Being a Mastering Engineer at Capitol Records in Hollywood brings me in touch with the odd music “celebrity” every now and then..... so for me, with doing this job for 20-odd years, I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen...
  17. blewsbreaker

    Jim Marshall said today....

    *** * * * * * * * * * * * * I went to the NAMM show today to have Sir Jim Marshall sign the backpanels to my 65' 2-12 18watt combo and my 66 jtm-45 Bluesbreaker combo. Which he so graciously did. Funny, the first thing he says to me after I showed him pics of my amps was,"do you have...
  18. blewsbreaker

    Original 65' 18watt combo

    Hey guys, just wanted to forward some pics of my new baby........ Bluesbreaker......1965 18watt 2-12 combo :dude