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  1. brandtkronholm

    Norman Harris: Cancer diagnosis

    Here's the link: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/normans-rare-guitars-founder-cancer-diagnosis Hoping for a speedy recovery, our thoughts are with you!
  2. brandtkronholm

    Thief of the day: 11 Les Pauls and an attractive neck tattoo

    Link: He used the nice old lady's credit card 11 Les Pauls Several 4x12s A few amps A drum kit A neck tattoo
  3. brandtkronholm

    This one seems odd...

    The knob & switch layout is strange. Reverb Link: Weird ES345
  4. brandtkronholm

    Replacement latches for '50s Lifton etc. case?

    Where could I find replacement latches for an old Lifton/Geib/Stone case? It's likely a Lifton, but I wouldn't know. I just need one, the case is otherwise in fine (but used) shape. Can these latches even be replaced? I wouldn't know where to begin with the rivets. I need one of these...
  5. brandtkronholm

    What's the best/easiest/cheapest way into a vintage Gibson? - 2022 edition

    Ok, our new friend Treble_Booster has come to us obsessed with vintage Gibsons - and possibly other vintage guitars...which we shall not mention here. We are not barbarians. I am motivated to create this thread in response to two recent posts: 1) Help Wanted in which Treble_Booster makes a...
  6. brandtkronholm

    Other people playing your guitars...

    An interesting discussion about other people playing your guitars has evolved in this thread in the Vintage 1952-1960 pub: Help Wanted Some members are adamantly opposed to others (save their tech/luthier) handling their guitars - vintage or not. Others have a far more relaxed attitude. It's...
  7. brandtkronholm

    Gales vs. Bonamassa

    You've gotta love it! Good fun!
  8. brandtkronholm

    Two old Gibsons and a Tweed Fender amp...

    Boy, oh boy! It's just Roy being Roy... Enjoy!
  9. brandtkronholm

    Les Paul's #1 video from 10/10/2021

    From CBS This Morning (this morning!) we have a lovely video about Les Paul's #1.
  10. brandtkronholm

    Did Gibson ever make a Switchmaster with a Varitone?

    The title says it all: Did Gibson ever make a Switchmaster with a Varitone? Pictures, please? Thanks!
  11. brandtkronholm

    Black EDS-1235 in action

    On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJP9ksnkMz/?hl=en. it is the later version with the soft (non-Florentine) cutaways and the mini-6 pickup in line with the bridge pickup of the lower neck (standard-6). Cool stuff!
  12. brandtkronholm

    Jazz on a 1958-1961 ES-1235 (with mini-6)

    Whilst perusing Youtube: Stephane Grappelli with Pierre Cavalli; Lady Be Good, 1963. The video includes a guitar solo, though not on the mini-6. Here's another image of the guitar - and a song by the guitarist, though the song is probably not from this album!
  13. brandtkronholm

    There is hope for rock and roll!

    The internet has led me to reaction videos. It warms my heart to see these reactions and makes me think that the future is bright for rock and roll. Perhaps there is a cynical way to understand these videos - but I choose to ignore any of these notions. I remember the first time I heard Led...
  14. brandtkronholm


    15" Holy crap. I had an opportunity to buy one many years ago...I regret not buying it. I have no use for such an amp today...dang. I still want one. It would pair nicely with my wicker-n-wood MKIII. I mean...c'mon. 15"...that's 38.1cm. Does anybody have one? What's it like...
  15. brandtkronholm

    A cool picture of vintage Les Pauls - P90s!

    From Ebay, never heard of the duo. It's a 45rpm.
  16. brandtkronholm

    Django: WTF

    Two fingers. I quit.
  17. brandtkronholm

    1959/60? Gibson duble Mandolin & Tenor - Alpine White!

    Sooooo very cooool.... :wow A Reverb.com listing from our very good friend and classic era EDS expert, Eric Ernest -- no affiliation! (If I had affiliation I'd own own of these by now! ...wait, that's no excuse...why don't I own one of these?)...
  18. brandtkronholm

    Need caption...

    I've so many ideas to caption/meme-ify this magnificent image...but none seem to do it justice. Will anyone dare?
  19. brandtkronholm

    Umm...who likes pinball and old guitars?

    I like old guitars...and I'm open to pinball. https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?213212-thinking-of-selling-stuff A 'Burst begins this photographic opus. Is it well known and familiar to us here at the LPF? Two herringbone OM Martins? ...one of which is sunburst? Not to...