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  1. Tokyo Mike

    Burst Gang - Mint

    I am selling one of my Burst Gang books, both in mint condition. Please be aware that both are in Japanese text, however this is a first class publication with beautiful pics. Un-signed $ 800,00 US Signed $1,100 US Price is firm and does not include postage. No trades. Pictures on request...
  2. Tokyo Mike

    Gary Moore - Five years gone, but not forgotten.

    Five years has passed since we lost Gary Moore. I will be watching Montreux 1990, while paying a toast with a few cold beers. Thanks for the music, Gary Moore.
  3. Tokyo Mike

    R.I.P Glenn Frey

    Another one gone. From reports, it seems he died from medical complications, due to an ongoing illness. Thanks for the music. RIP.
  4. Tokyo Mike

    In need of Speed Knobs???

    I have a spare set of gold speed knobs, which I have just removed from a 2016 Trad. If you are in need and can use em, you can have em. First in best dressed. Post included.
  5. Tokyo Mike

    Happy wife, happy life...

    It is my wifes' birthday, tomorrow. She plays in an all girl band and kicks ass, on guitar. She has played mostly Strats, but she has really warmed to my LP's, the last couple of years. I bought a 2016 Trad a couple of weeks ago, but saved the best for her. I put some Clapton tickets in the...
  6. Tokyo Mike

    NGD:2016 Traditional

    Just picked up this 2016 Trad T from Guitar Planet, in Ochanomizu. The tops on these 2016's are great and the necks are a big step down on size, compared to the 2013's and 2014's. Sorry for the crap mobile pic. Good job, Gibson.
  7. Tokyo Mike

    Misheard song lyrics.

    For years I thought the line from Steve Millers' Jetliner was, ' don't tear that lino'. I have since learned it is actually, 'oh, big ol jet airliner'. Anyone else want to admit to mishearing a song lyric???
  8. Tokyo Mike

    2016 Traditionals for Japan come with slim taper necks

    Tried a few Trads in Tokyo today, and was blown away with the comfy necks. They are being described as 'thin taper'. Not as thin as the Standard, however. Very different from my 2014 Trad. If only the Trad ice tea came in a tear drop. I can see a honey or wine red in my future, very soon.
  9. Tokyo Mike


    Why do historic pickup covers sit flush with the pickup rings, while modern LP covers are set higher, above the rings?
  10. Tokyo Mike

    Just discovered Roy Buchanan!!!

    Cant believe what I have been missing. New respect for the Tele, too.
  11. Tokyo Mike

    Post your best racist joke.

    Does anyone have a funny joke about black people or asians???
  12. Tokyo Mike

    What is the name of this song????

    ????? https://youtu.be/sGaDZXbcoTc
  13. Tokyo Mike

    Another satisfying session..Am I worthu.

    Another satisfying session. Am I worthy.... Just had a great sesssion with my Trad. It was one of those times where everything came together and just went smooth. Funny thing is, I didn't really feel like a jam today. Tomorrow, I'll pick her up and probably really want to play, and end up...