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  1. Flogger

    Ronnie James Dio playing a Gibson bass

    I met him for a second when I was delivering a Duncan pickup to a 19 year old Viv Campbell backstage. Seemed nice, Viv definitely was.
  2. Flogger

    Pickup rings for Jeff Beck R4

    Change all 6 strings at once, preload the tailpiece and you're off to the races!
  3. Flogger

    Clapton with Les Paul Custom, 1969

    If I understand the situation, the Harrison estate considered it a loan. I know Dani was unhappy that Delaney routed it for humbuckers.
  4. Flogger

    Clapton with Les Paul Custom, 1969

    Clapton played the Custom on Live Peace In Toronto. Harrison got on the Delaney tour bus with two cases. Clapton asked why. " I know that Delaney is going to ask me for a guitar, might as well be this."
  5. Flogger

    A bit of Mick Taylor.

    I dunno about never..
  6. Flogger

    Can someone school me on Epiphones made (in the USA) by the Gibson Custom Shop?

    I was at NAMM the year they came out, Gibson's booth was a semi truck.. I was checking out the Revolution with the John and Yoko sharpie images, and a voice asked me to hold it up, and I was promptly blinded by a camera flash (it was dark in the truck). As my vision cleared I was chatting with...
  7. Flogger

    Can someone school me on Epiphones made (in the USA) by the Gibson Custom Shop?

    I think that they did some Casinos in the last couple of years.
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    I remember those
  9. Flogger

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    The hardware and accessory business relies a lot on people on their tone quests, it has ever been thus . When I worked in retail through the 80s almost half my parts sales went to relatively few people in a major market. What got me was the quest for THE tone. I was always thinking "Why limit...
  10. Flogger

    Anyone get a glimpse of these?

    To Gibson the $50k pricetag is worth it for the headlines alone. And they'll all sell.
  11. Flogger

    Anyone get a glimpse of these?

    Greenie/Moorie/Hammie? Gremooha for short.
  12. Flogger

    Anyone know much about this Dickey Betts goldtop

    8 saw the ABB in the early 90s, and DB gets that singing sound on a flattop too. It ain't the spear, it's the thrower.
  13. Flogger

    Anyone get a glimpse of these?

    I guess Greenie comes with straplocks
  14. Flogger

    9 0910 Murphy Lab R9 into a 1967 Marshall Super Lead 100 Watt

    I loved the doubled part in the solo. Reminds me of meeting Derringer at NAMM. I'd got a couple of live CDs and DVD from him, and the next day I circled back with questions. Me: "What did you use as a doubler on the solos on Live At Cheney Hall?" RD: "There's no doubler I just played the...
  15. Flogger

    Gibson Dave Mustaine signature acoustic

    Where else are ya gonna get a 24 fret acoustic?
  16. Flogger

    Les Paul Standard with Block inlays?

    I'm going with replaced fingerboard.
  17. Flogger

    which Historic is this from my teen days .....

    Looks like a stock Custom of the era.
  18. Flogger

    I'm digging a varitone on my ML Les Paul

    My stereo ES345 is my recording secret weapon . First 3 positions are great, and if you pile the gain on for position 6 with both pickups it'll stand in for an Octavia.
  19. Flogger

    Custom Shop 1968 Standard Goldtop Reissue

    I cannot speak for the reissues, but the original 68 a friend had bloomed from a toothpick at the nut to a tree trunk at the 12th fret.
  20. Flogger

    Does the year guitar was made matter?

    The feature set is the same for both years. If you have the choice of both, pick the 9ne that you like better,