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  1. pinefd

    Where's Charlie (CDaughtry) Been?

    Instabook, Facetube; I can't keep up with all of them. I'm more of an old fashioned forum kinda guy. Frank BTW, Hello Charlie!
  2. pinefd

    Factory Black 1957 Les Paul Special

    I assume that was you I met at Terry Mueller's booth today at the Arlington show, where I was closely examining the guitar? It certainly is the same guitar! And I can attest that it's a beauty! Frank
  3. pinefd

    Build A Burst

    They're beautiful guitars; I'm quite familiar with them. Here's my "Build A Burst" guitar, although the photo doesn't do it justice: Frank
  4. pinefd

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I think there, he was referring to his dad's Martin D35. Frank
  5. pinefd

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    Actually, while I read the story with some suspicion, where the OP totally lost me was with this line: "I called gibson and from the serial number it was produced from 1959-1960." The number would identify it as either a '59 or a '60. There should be no doubt. Frank
  6. pinefd

    Nicest R8 you've seen?

    '98, hands down, was the best year for some killer looking R8s. That said, I was always partial to my old '12 CR8: Frank
  7. pinefd

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    Thanks! The Camaro is also a very nice car. I seriously considered it before I bought my Challenger, but I just found the seats much more comfortable in the Challenger, and the back seat is actually usable (unlike the Camaro). I also liked the more retro look of the Challenger. And good for...
  8. pinefd

    The Dallas Guitar Show Is On: April 30-May 2nd

    Sorry I missed you guys at the show! I was hanging out at Terry Mueller's booth for most of the time, as I usually do. Perhaps I'll see you in Arlington in October. And BTW, I was VERY encouraged by this show. There weren't as many dealers as in the past, for obvious reasons. And there were...
  9. pinefd

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    When you buy one of these cars, you get (or at least you used to get) a free track session at the Bondurant Racing School (now called Radford Racing School), down in Phoenix, AZ. I upgraded to the three day program. What a blast that was! These cars are great on the track...a lot more capable...
  10. pinefd

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    I absolutely love it. I always used to be a Vette guy, but got rid of my last one (a '66 big block coupe) a few years ago and made the switch to the Challenger. I have absolutely no regrets, and don't miss the Vettes at all. Frank
  11. pinefd

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    I just took out my fair weather car: Frank
  12. pinefd

    Anyone Want Any Back Issues of VG Magazine?

    I wasn't quite sure where else to post this, where it would be seen (other than the Vintage section), so sorry if it's in the wrong place. My wife and I are starting to clean out our house as we get ready to put it on the market, and we have tons of stuff to get rid of. I have a few boxes of...
  13. pinefd

    How 'bout a LPF Vintage Les Paul Calendar?

    I haven't seen this idea come up for a while (as far as I know) so I thought I'd bring it up now. With all the other LPF merchandise that's been for sale recently, I thought a calendar might be a nice next project...and something we could produce every year. And with all the killer guitars and...
  14. pinefd

    ’61 SG/LP Back from the Dead…and as good as…Gold!

    In case you hadn’t already seen this at the other forum, I thought I’d consolidate the info and pics, in one dedicated thread here. This was a project that was inspired by a similar ’61 SG/LP formerly owned by Charlie Daughtry, and refinished in gold by Dave Johnson. The first time I saw a...
  15. pinefd

    LPF Booth at next year's Arlington show?

    After reading the following from the Philly show thread, it got me thinking... ...how awesome would it be if the LPF did something similar at the Arlington show? Sure, a lot of members already know each other and hang out at the show (and outside the show). But I can't help but think that if...
  16. pinefd

    Bad Coconuts CC Model #666 Just Announced!

    In case you guys hadn't already seen this...Collectors Choice #666 just announced :ganz: :hmm :peace2 Frank
  17. pinefd

    Flame + Grain + Flecks + 1 Pc. Board = 2012 CR8 NGD

    I know some of you have seen this one before, but I figured I'd do a thread on it anyway. Especially since I finally got around to checking under my nut...(yep, everything looks ok down there!). With all the 1 piece versus 2 piece fingerboard discussions around, here, I figured I'd check this...
  18. pinefd

    Happy Belated Burstday

    Happy Belated Burstday...UPDATED WITH DETAILED PICS!!!!! A while back, I was fortunate enough to pick up my very first vintage ‘burst, after having been into Historics for several years. I figured it was just a matter of time before I took the plunge, and when this beat up ole’ thang came...
  19. pinefd

    Naked No More! ’55 Goldtop Restoration by DJ

    You may remember the thread I posted about my “Naked Beauty” several months back. If not, you can find it here: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=171890&highlight=naked At the time I bought this guitar (which I thought was a ’56), I had every intention of using it for a...
  20. pinefd

    NGD Murphy Aged ’03 Brazilian R8 Stinger!

    As you’re probably aware, JimmyAce (John) is now the proud owner of my (former) ’03 Braz R0 Stinger…a guitar I never thought I’d part with. John finally figured out how I “tick”, and what it takes for me to let go of guitars I otherwise have no intention of giving up. I’m generally not...