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  1. keef

    Ten years

    and 5,000 posts - a suitable time to take a break from all the good folks at the LPF. I absolutely love this forum, but I decided to devote more time to guitar playing with the goal to learn a new thing every day. So it's back to lurking mode. I've been a guitar nut since the late seventies...
  2. keef

    You love Lucy? - here's your app

    The Quiet One's guitar collection - this is pretty cool: http://www.georgeharrison.com/# The last piece of Apple gear I used was 20 years ago - maybe somebody can let me know if George's elusive 345 is on that app.....I always wondered what happened to that guitar. :peace2
  3. keef

    'Frampton's '54 Custom found'

    Maybe a hoax - fire away guys: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/vintage-les-pauls/170645-framptons-54-custom-found.html Here's the real thing With a pickguard in 1979 -looks like a brass nut: 1979, with Schallers
  4. keef

    Conversion or not?

    I need some advice guys. The nice TM conversion on Ebay got me thinking - many of us see a humbuckered fifties Les Paul as the ultimate guitar. For those who can’t or don’t want to pay the price of an original one, a conversion is an interesting alternative. But what’s the best way to do this...
  5. keef

    Slash auctioning some stuff

    ...including a few Les Pauls - but nothing vintage: https://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/21/?page=1&items=100
  6. keef

    I didn't know that - 1976 Explorer content

    Korina and Brazilian - ain't life grand. http://www.vintageandrare.com/gibson/explorer-korina-limited-edition/1976#
  7. keef

    TIme to sell your Les Paul - rock & roll is dead

    Read about it here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jan/10/rock-n-roll-read-last-rites So was Lenny K right?
  8. keef

    Nice vintage goldtop

    in the banner from Chicago Music Exchange that is now gracing the pages here. Am I the only one who is surprised that CME is sponsoring the LPF? :wah
  9. keef

    1964 ES-335 - in 'sunbrust'

    'Brust' is breast in German. A sunbreast guitar - I like how that sounds. http://www.matthiasjabs.de/PRODUCTS/Gibson-ES-335-1964-SB,180,0,1,555.html Steep price for a hacked guitar though - and that trc is the 1965 style....hm.
  10. keef

    Question about vintage vibrolas and wafflebacks (SG Custom content)

    I'm looking at a really clean sixties SG Custom. What puzzles me is that the gold on the vibrola is super shiny without any pitting, not rubbed off or faded anywhere - it just looks totally new from all sides. The gold on the pickup covers is also still very much there BTW. But the original...
  11. keef

    Huh? is this Ganzlers Project 335?

    Guess so... http://www.frettedamericana.com/gibson_es335dot_reissue_1983-d-912-76.html
  12. keef

    Early patent sticker pups pricing?

    I did a search here, but have not found the answer. What would be the 'going' price for a set of these with covers? I am looking for the pre '64 variant for restoration purposes.
  13. keef

    Need urgent advice - Marshall 2150

    I have a line on a late 70s Marshall 2150, also known as the "rock & roll baby". Small, 100W with one 12" Celestion Powercell speaker. Apparently the only Marshall ever with a factory installed PPIMV master volume. Rave reviews on HC (9.9 average for sound from 19 posters) but those often...
  14. keef

    Bad pic of a '58 - anyone recognize this one?

    A very vague polaroid picture from 1981. I was at the home of a collector in the Rotterdam area, where he took this photo. He said the burst was a '58. I recall the very dark red shade around the pup selector and cutaway. Very mild flame, with a typical figure above the bridge pickup. Anybody...
  15. keef

    Cool 20th anniversary Custom at Elderly

    For those who are looking for one - white finish, too, $2.5K: http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/30U-16381.htm
  16. keef

    Reversing basketweave cloth - can it be done?

    Rather than replacing too messed up or overpainted basketweave grilles on old Marshall cabs with modern stuff, I wonder if anyone has experience with reversing the cloth. Is it at all possible, is there a risk of breaking the cloth when reversing it, does it look 'correct', etc. Opinions are...
  17. keef

    Question about used Mullards

    A guy offers me a used pair of EL34, black base, XF2 and BCsomething stamps. No brand visible anymore on the glass, there is single halo/getter in the pics (I cannot post these). I assume these are 70s Mullards - they are matched, were used in a Siemens 50W hi-fi amp and test 95% (whatever...
  18. keef

    5K for a fifties Paul?

    http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/30U-15200.htm Supposed to be a ´55 goldtop. Waddayaguysthink?
  19. keef

    Too cool '59 TV for $6K

    It's at Dave's. I can't believe how cool this looks, and the top repair seems a minor issue. I always wanted a double cut in the stable...plus it's a '59, TV, and a GREAT price. There must be something I am overlooking? But unfortunately I have other priorities now - maybe you guys are...
  20. keef

    Book tip for Stones fans - burst content

    Great shots of Keef & the rest with the keefburst, vox AC30s and a lot of other stuff in teh 2006 hardcover 370 page book "The Rolling Stones, 365 days" which can now be bought new for a measly 4 bucks from Amazon and other places. They've got a Beatles book in this series which is also great...