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  1. Phil 52

    What (guitar) is Ronnie Wood playing here?

    Never saw Ronnie with that guitar before.
  2. Phil 52

    Gibson Swingmaster

    Anybody here own one of these? IT's about 15 years ago when they came out. I liked them, but alas, never saw one in person. I'd prefer the red ES 135 w/P90s
  3. Phil 52

    1969 Stones in Hyde Park - M. Taylor playing some fine Slide on a Burst

    Is this the Burst that actually belonged to Keith?
  4. Phil 52

    Ronnie Wood's Touring Les Paul

    Hope that this is the right section. Does anybody know about that Burst that Ronnie is playing for years now on tour? Is it an original vintage LP or is it a Custom Shop Historic.? Photo by Hendrik Mulder
  5. Phil 52

    Keith Richards finds "new" 1955 LP Jr. TV Model

    When the Stones played Nashville the other day Keith took some time off and found a sister to his old Jr. TV. Keith: "I never leave Nashville without another guitar". Pics from Rocksoff.org
  6. Phil 52

    Les Paul - The Paulverizer

    Don't know if this vid was posted here before and if this section here is the right section for it. However, I like it a lot.
  7. Phil 52

    Magic of an Esquire

    A couple of examples why I love the Esquire a lot:
  8. Phil 52

    Original Zemaitis Guitars

    For those who are not familiar with Tony Zematis and his guitars I'd like to post at first some older mag articles. Edit: Alas, I can't find the "attach files" button. That's the only way to post pics from here. So this thread is over before it really started. Sorry!
  9. Phil 52

    RIP Danny Kirwan

    Don't know if this was posted here before or if this is the right forum for this sad news. Danny yesterday died at 68. The info was brought by Mick Fleetwood on the bands website. Saw the original Mac a few times in the late 60ies. Great band that was. RIP Danny
  10. Phil 52

    Macca playing a black leftie LP Custom

    Video deleted as obviously no interest here in Paul McCartney playing a Les Paul Custom
  11. Phil 52

    Ronnie Wood - New Gibson Guitar

    Pic is from yesterday, Feb. 4 2014, taken in Paris. From Ronnie's Twitter-account: Playing my new @gibsonguitar in my #breakingbad rehearsal T-shirt #stonesonfire Is this a 2/pup L5 S? I know that he already owns the single p/up version of it for many years.
  12. Phil 52

    Some LP playing by Mick Taylor + Ronnie Wood this WE in NYC

    Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor played two gigs as a tribute to Jimmy Reed this weekend at The Cutting Room in NYC. A few days ago they played this Jimmy Reed Tribute concert in London at the Bluesfest. Here's one of the vids with both using their Lesters. (More on youtube)...
  13. Phil 52

    Billy Gibbons 8 Oct. 2013 San Antonio Tx w/ new SG

    Here's a pic of Billy and Dusty from about a couple of weeks back playing in San Antonio Tx. Of what I was told by a guy who had talk with Billy's tech, this is a out-of-the-box USA SG with the new repro vibrato. Only the bridge p/up rewired and just 1 volume knob. Does anybody has better pics...
  14. Phil 52

    Mick Taylor June 6 Toronto

    Mick is getting some nice tone from his Historic. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNdaAF01Jl4
  15. Phil 52

    Get's Better Every Time - Again Stones w/ Mick T

    Dec 13 2012 Newark NJ Prudential Center Mick Taylor great again! Wished he would play more than just Midnight Rambler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CWZYtpE4-E&feature=player_embedded
  16. Phil 52

    Stones 29 Nov. London 2 Standards and a Jr.

    Taylor still has it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-wSAhnhGzQ&feature=player_embedded
  17. Phil 52

    LP Junior Tone / Leslie West

    Read so much about Leslie West's great tone with a Junior with Mountain but don't have any of their albums. Can anyone recommend me an album/albums which features his best Junior tones, please.
  18. Phil 52

    Billy Gibbons Pinstriped Goldtop LP at NAMM 2012

    Finally the Billy Gibbons pinstriped Goldtop LP might go into production. From NAMM: http://www.themusiczoo.com/blog/2012/billy-gibbons-pinstriped-les-paul-goldtop/ Not affiliated with TMZ in any way and as it isn't for sale so far I'don't consider this SPAM. But may the moderators judge it.
  19. Phil 52

    1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Model

    About a couple of months agao I was offered this 1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Model. This was one of Rich Robinson's main recording and gigging guitars. e.g. it was used when The Black Crowes toured with Jimmy Page in the 90s. The Pro-Seller mentioned that this model sometimes is mistaken for a Les...