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  1. Phil 52

    Bee Gees Burst

    Back then for me it was always the Beatles and the Stones. But my younger sister liked the Bee Gees and I had to admit that they really wrote some great songs. When Vince and Collin left in 1969 it became another band. Well, just for me. Never liked their disco stuff. (or anybody's disco stuff)
  2. Phil 52

    Don Preston's sick Explorer

    ... or Claudia Lennear! I once met her backstage. Think it was in the early 70ies. Oh yeah!
  3. Phil 52

    Gibson Songwriter Standard Rosewood - LEFTY

    Very cool guitar. Do I remember right that it has a bit wider width at the nut?
  4. Phil 52

    Hagstrom 67 Viking ii reissue

    Like it. And you are right. To me too this model will ever be associated with the King. Glad to see that there is the "correct" headstock on it.
  5. Phil 52

    1960 LH Burst or McCartney 1963 Hofner "Beatle Bass"?

    Though I know that ZZ Top was not so popular as Zep was, but regarding the guitar geeks I'd ad "Pearly Gates".
  6. Phil 52

    Share Your Explorers

    Of what I once read or heard somewhere it was said that a glued 2 piece body is more stable than a 1 piece body. I'm NO expert so I don't have a clue if this is right.
  7. Phil 52

    Paul McCartney's Touring '60

    oceantoad, thank you for posting these videos! You must have had a wonderful evening there. So thanks again for sharing it.
  8. Phil 52

    What (guitar) is Ronnie Wood playing here?

    Thanks a lot guys for all your input and informations. Wilko, I remember that photo. And IIRC I did not see the pic from back then but it was a video. And if my memories are not fooling me Keith and Ronnie told in that vid how old these guitars they were playing here are. I think I remember...
  9. Phil 52

    What (guitar) is Ronnie Wood playing here?

    Never saw Ronnie with that guitar before.
  10. Phil 52

    NGD: 1989 Gibson ES-335

    Congrats. Love it.
  11. Phil 52

    The glorious return of Doug and Pat!

    and so do I :-)
  12. Phil 52

    One of the cooler non-Gibson Guitars I own!

    Think Elvis '68 Comeback Special
  13. Phil 52

    A few men and Explorer

    Young Billy F Gibbons looking proud with that Explorer.
  14. Phil 52

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

    Fender Roadworn Strat MIM. Actually the guitar wasn't for sale. It was meant to go from dealer to dealer as a demonstration object when this model came out. But finally I managed to buy it. Played great out of the box. In the back left to right: Original 1992 Zemaitis Metalfront built by Tony...
  15. Phil 52

    Gibson Swingmaster

    A couple of better pics. After all these years I can't remember where I have these pics from. Hope it's no copyright violation.
  16. Phil 52

    Gibson L5 S

    Congrats! Yes, it's a great guitar.
  17. Phil 52

    Gibson Swingmaster

    Anybody here own one of these? IT's about 15 years ago when they came out. I liked them, but alas, never saw one in person. I'd prefer the red ES 135 w/P90s
  18. Phil 52

    Gibson L5 S

    Yep edwina, that's what I was referring to. Looks great. Is it yours?
  19. Phil 52

    Joe Walsh with Jimmy Pages number one burst before he sold it to him. Pictures.

    Thanks for posting the pics Ed. Great stuff! Brings back so much memories. Born in 1952 I still love the mid to late 60ies 'til today.
  20. Phil 52

    New Felder Hotel CA Lesson?

    Though not new to me I really enjoyed watching it again. Thanks for posting it.