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  1. rays44

    Any love for Harmonic Design p/u's

    Bought a few models years ago and still have them. The Z90 is a unique 5 pole design (not a P90 clone although make one of those too) and the vintage humbucker is a nice take on a massively cloned design. Always wondered why they flew way under the radar.
  2. rays44

    string through body

    Can anyone tell me the difference in tone between a guitar with a TOM bridge/stop tail and one with strings through the body (like a Tele). It's a tough question because it has to be the same (or very similar build ) of guitar. I still (on occasion) play a hybrid Strat style guitar...
  3. rays44

    Fender Champ 2 on a gig

    For our last job, I grabbed my Champ 2 (Rivera era) and used a 1x12 Avatar open back cab (Marshall style) with a Celestion Gold. This combo matches very well to both Gibson and Fender guitars. With the right setting you can dial the perfect Fender on the edge tone. Clean enough for the clean...
  4. rays44

    Korina Les Pauls

    Has anyone played or owned one of the korina LP issues? My only experience with korina is with an '81 Moderne I own. The tone of this guitar is unique compared to the mahogany guitars in that there's a bump in the upper mids with an arier upper treble.. Not better or worse than mahogany, but a...
  5. rays44

    korina Les Pauls

    Sorry for the double post
  6. rays44

    another left over '50's body tale

    I'm surprised at this description. Seems that old habits die hard. A shot of the control cavity would be telling. http://www.williesguitars.com/index.cfm/gibson_electrics/3/inventory/19
  7. rays44

    Any Music Man Armada or Knaggs guitars out there?

    I thing both are cool designs, especially the Armada. Anyone have or play one. Interested in opinions.
  8. rays44

    early '69 custom

    This continues to be my "go to" Les Paul. It was built in March of '69, but has all of the '68 features except the cavity route. 1 piece body, center seam maple top, long tenion, 1 piece mahogany neck and dotted "i". Most by this time had lost many of these features which isn't a bad thing by...
  9. rays44

    1960 Special?

    A friend had a beautiful single cut re-issue whet finish Special made in ;90. Has a 58/59 neck profile. Were single cut specials made in '60?
  10. rays44

    Celestion alnico question

    I have a Blue in my Marshall Studio 15 and a Gold in a 1x12 Avatar open back cab. I'm getting a strange cancellation of frequencies tone only on the high E string. It happens on all fretted notes up the fingerboard played clean or overdriven. Almost sounds like ghost tones from a single coil p/u...
  11. rays44

    Yamaha SG2000

    Purchased new in '78 during my formative "Santana" years. It's a great guitar that was squarely aimed at competing with Gibson. Construction quality, fit and finish are excellent. Neck through body, ebony board, carved maple top on a laminated mahogany body. Bridge sits on a brass block set...
  12. rays44

    The odd couple. What's in your closet?

    An '81 natural korina Moderne reissue paired with a Les Paul acoustic/electric in black burst. The Marshall head is a 2061x with Mercury iron. The cab is a 1x12 Avatar with a Celestion gold. With some of Rays44's :salude
  13. rays44

    Another family shot

    Pardon my indulgence. Tiny Terror Marshall 2061x '78 Orange 120 OD head Avatar 1x12 cab Marshall logo, celestion gold Boogie 60w Mark 2B in Wicker Head Budda Superdrive 30 Series 1 handwired Rivera era Fender Champ 2 Rivera era Fender Super Champ I've managed to make them all sound bad for...
  14. rays44

    My old stack of Marshalls

    For your amusement: From top: Studio 15 2061x original 20w reissue offset Avatar 1x12 (Celestion Gold) w/ Marshall logo Same with Les Paul Acoustic/electric (Blackburst) and early '69 Custom.
  15. rays44

    old mod memories

    I remember looking forward to getting the "new" DiMarzio Super Distortion (and 4 conductor version Dual Sound) pickups. Wow, what a difference they made over the stock '70's and 80's stock Gibson T-Tops. I once had a late '60's SG Special routed in the bridge for a SD.:## It was one of my...
  16. rays44

    Joe B in VG

    Absolutely great read. Curious about Joe's comment on his '60 burst with the shorter neck tenion. I never knew that. Is that true of all 60 bursts. BTW Joe, you constantly prove yourself to be a really nice down to earth guy (as well as an ok guitarist in my book). Just sayin'. :salude
  17. rays44

    PRS and Gibson

    Why can't they occupy the same space. I don;t see anywhere near the same disdain for Fenders, Knaggs, Dusenbergs, etc. Why does PRS get slammed so much around here. They;re mostly good guitars, well made and cover alot of sonic ground. I don't own any, but every solid rosewood neck model I ever...
  18. rays44

    played a China forged custom today

    Having no idea that it was a forgery, I picked up the black beauty Historic guitar and played it. First thought, something felt wrong. The weight was in the 8 pound range. The neck was nice, but not right. Different carve from the '57 re-issues. The pickups were kind of flat sounding and...
  19. rays44

    Is there a Van Halen burst?

    I remember seeing a pic of him playing live somewhere a long time ago with the neck p/u removed. Any info on it? As a side note, I remember hearing his first album when it came out and saying, "that's impossible" :rofl I'm still in awe of his first two albums. Anyway, back to the burst.
  20. rays44

    using 2 cabs

    I'm sure it's ok, but I want to ask anyway. I have a 2061x head. If I use two 1x12 cabs, each 8 ohm, the switch on the amp should be set to 4 ohms. Correct? Is there a difference in tone or volume vs an 8 or 16 ohm cab? Thanks. Ray